8 Cat Paw Care Tips

It’s National Cat Day! Wait… isn’t everyday national cat day? Well, maybe to a cat. Cats also seem to think everything in the house is theirs too.

Anyway, to keep your kitty healthy it’s important to make sure her paws are in good shape. Cats need healthy feet to climb, scratch your couch, gallop through the house, and do death-defying feats like leap from the counter to the refrigerator.

Here are 8 ways to make sure your cat’s paws are clean and free of wounds:

1: Keep the paws clean of debris. No litter, stones, or household chemicals should be stuck to the feet. Indoor/outdoor cats need to be checked for debris when entering the house. Cats lick their paws and you don’t want them ingesting foreign contaminants and getting ill or having them be in pain as they walk because of something wedged between the toes.

2: Check for cuts and sores. Cats are curious little critters and explore all sorts of places like underneath a thorny rose bush or the basement. They can get cut by glass, end up with splinters, or have an allergic reaction to some chemical.

3: Provide a scratching post. Cats scratch to remove outer layers of their nails aside in addition to marking items. Your cat needs to scratch, it’s part of their nature, so give them a scratching post made of recycled cardboard or carpeting and praise her when she uses it. It keeps nails healthy and will safe your furniture.

4: Hairy Hobbit feet need trimming. If you have a long-haired kitty then you’ve noticed the hair between their toes often gets tangled and dirty. Trim the hair to keep it from becoming matted and pulling on the skin.

5: Trim the nails. Cat nails can become so long and sharp and become a problem, especially in the house where they might get snagged on a blanket or carpeting. If your cat pulls too hard they can break their nail as well as ruin the item they’re stuck to. Get your cat used to nail trimmings.

6: OCD cleaning means something might be wrong. If you notice your cat obsessively licking or favoring a paw, that means something might be wrong. Check the feet and if you can’t find anything, visit the vet.

7: Keeps cats indoors during bad weather days. Hot days can mean burnt paws and cold days can mean frozen paws. Cats have sensitive feet and touching surfaces that are extremely hot or cold can give them sores and dry them out. Imagine walking outside barefoot during a bad weather day!

8: Do not declaw. Cats need their nails not only for protection but also for balance. The nails are part of their bone and declawing can lead to problems for them as well as you. Some cats experience so much discomfort after being declawed that using a littler box and scratching hurt, this can lead to them associating the litter box as a negative place. Declawed cats are also at a disadvantage if they are ever need to defend themselves.

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