8 Hilarious Dogs Wearing Boots

This winter has been rough on us. Back in November parts of the West Coast got hit with snow and rain that made a few days pretty rough and now the East Coast is experiencing some impressive inches of snow.

I have friends in NY and NJ who are not happy with the black ice on the roads, slush at the crosswalks, and shoveling snow. Their dogs, on the other hand, seem to be having a good time and don’t care about traffic, getting slush on their feet, or even know what shoveling is…

For the dog owners who might be thinking, “Maybe I should have gotten fish” as they walk their dogs in the cold and snow, brush the icicles off, and then defrost themselves, here’s a few videos of owners getting their “revenge” on their best friends. (Actually, it’s good for the dogs but they don’t know that).

This dog does not like his new boots

This Shiba Inu hopes that if he keeps lifting his foot, someone will take these awful boots off!

This pup figured out how to take off the boots – gallop!

Stanley hates the cold. Stanley also hates his coat and boots. Poor Stanley.

This little guy would rather stay inside

This boxer hates the winter coat!

It’s not the coat, it’s the hood!

Little fella doesn’t want boots, doesn’t want snow on his feet… this is his solution

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