9 Funny Halloween Costumes for Dogs

Halloween is creeping up on us faster than we think and our pets, if they are up for it, need a costume! Now, we could do the usual where a bandana around the neck or hat on their head dresses them up or we could go big! I say, GO BIG!

Here’s some great and fun costumes for dogs:

Triceratops headgear is perfect for the dog who wants to trample and be a dinosaur. As the picture shows, a french bulldog or bulldog would probably look fantastic with this.

Cowboy! Maybe your dog is too active to wear a headpiece. A harnessed costume would be better and if your dog is the type who romps and skips, this cowboy on his back is perfect. When your dog moves the cowboy bucks so it really looks like it is “riding” your dog like a horse. I’ve seen this on dogs and it’s hysterical.

Headless Horseman is another variation of the cowboy but this time with a little more spooky flavor to it. It is Halloween after all.

Superpuppy! Is your dog mild mannered, little clumsy, and introverted? Well, maybe this costume will bring out the hero in him. Turn your pup into superman. The body suit is breathable and the cape (as long as other dogs don’t tug it) rests perfectly on your dog’s back when standing or sitting still.

Tuxedo and top hat is a very dapper and formal costume for the mature and refined dog in your life. Show off his good looks and perfect mannerisms while also his spiffiness with a tuxedo. He’ll be sure to turn heads.

Froggy costume is perfect for the low-rider dogs. It’s hysterical and if I had a bulldog or other short and stout pup I’d definitely dress her/him up as a frog.

Spiderdog costume is great for the little climber in your life. Face it, all dogs have an alter ego. Let it show this Halloween. This costume is easy to put on and breathable.

Robin might be more your dog’s speed. If you have two dogs it’s a great idea to dress them up as a duo and Robin would compliment the next costume.

Batman or the dark knight is perfect for your dog to dress up as, especially if you really do have a Robin to compliment the look.

What will your dog dress up as for this Halloween?

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