9 Ways Your Cat Shows Love

Cats have that reputation for being aloof, for not being able to express companionship like a dog, and for not being as responsive as dogs. But, despite these old stereotypes, many people know that cats cuddle, purr, and do show affection for their owners. It’s just not in the same way as dogs.

Next time your “dog loving” friends tell you cats aren’t as affectionate, tell them these 9 ways that cats show love.

  1. Forehead touch – Also known as head bunting, this movement is the head butt to your chin, your leg, or hand. It’s how a cat shows affection and contentment.
  2. Cheek rubbing – Yes, it’s a way for cats to “own” something but it’s saved for objects in the house and you. Which means, you’re his and he’s pretty happy about that!
  3. Tail twitch – This one isn’t always obvious because cats often walk with their tails up but if it twitches a little when s/he approaches you, that means “Hooray! I like you!!”
  4. The Cat Stare – Cats don’t make direct eye contact with strangers. They save it for those they trust and love. A cat that stares are you and then slowly blinks is a sign of affection. Blink back.
  5. Purring – It can be for different reasons but if you are around a cat long enough you can learn the different types of purrs. A deep, full body rumbling purr when s/he’s sitting on your lap or settling down to sleep in bed with you is your cat’s way of saying, “I’m happy, I love you.”
  6. Kneading – It’s a behavior that’s left over from kitten days and it’s a sign of affection. Many behaviorists has said that cats kneading you is a comfort action and means that the cat loves you, feels safe, and is showing affection.
  7. Licking You – Not many cats lick people unless maybe they are offered a treat and then lick the hand. But some cats will groom and sometimes chew their owner’s hair. Yes, it’s kind of gross and it’s not fun to wake up to a cat licking your temples but it means you are special.
  8. Bring You Gifts – Dead birds, dead mice, or a toy are all signs that your cat respects and loves you. It’s a sign of trust and friendship. Your cat is sharing her prey prize with you.
  9. The High-Pitched Trill – Cats have many vocalizations ranging from a tiny mew to a full on howl. Listen for th chirping or trilling noise your cat may do when s/he sees you. It is a sign of affection. If you trill back, which kind of sounds like a “hmm” your cat might perk up and insist on sitting on your lap.

Image from Newswatchreport.com

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