Akita Clubs of the United States and Canada

Akitas are a breed of Japanese mountain dogs that are adapted for cold weather. They very tall and thick-boned with heavy coats. Akitas are known to be dignified, courageous and loyal dogs. There are a handful of different American and Canadian clubs that are devoted to this breed, and many of them organize activities like meetings and specialty shows.

Akita Club of America

The Akita Club of America is the centralized national club that is responsible for representing, protecting and furthering the interests of the Akita dog breed. They host an annual specialty show and an annual meeting, which changes location each year. Their website also has a long list of Akita rescue groups. Those who want to join the ACA should read the membership procedure.

Squaw Peak Akita Club

The Squaw Peak Akita Club is involved in regular group meetings, annual picnics with fun dog activities and a Christmas party with a gift exchange. Their site also lists some local breeders. They invite new members to apply and join their group, which is based around Phoenix, Arizona.

Rocky Mountain Akita Club

The Rocky Mountain Akita Club has been around in Colorado since 1979. They provide some obedience and conformation classes, conduct matches, and participate in various fun and educational activities. This club holds monthly meetings, and welcomes new members who are interested in furthering the breed.

Inland Empire Akita Club

The Inland Empire Akita Club is based in southern California, and some of its members are involved in matches and shows with their dogs. They also sometimes hold meetings. Click here for contact information regarding membership.

Garden State Akita Club

This New Jersey club is active in member meetings, as well as involving their dogs in all-breed match shows. A membership application is available on their website.

Columbia River Akita Alliance

The Columbia River Akita Alliance is full of dog owners in Oregon and Washington. They organize events like hikes, fun days, matches and Akita get-togethers. People who wish to join this club should email them.

Lone Star Akita Club of Houston

The Lone Star Akita Club of Houston puts on meetings and specialty shows. They also network to Akita rescue resources.

Akita Club of Canada

The Akita Club of Canada formed to encourage and promote the responsible ownership of Akitas. They have members all across the country, and are involved in national and regional specialty shows. They also list some Akita breeders around Canada. Interested Canadian Akita owners should read their membership application.

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