American Newfoundland Clubs

Newfoundlands are considered a large dog breed, and they originally descend from a line bred for working dogs for fishermen. Though there are many clubs for these dogs around the United States, they are originally from the Colony of Newfoundland, now part of Canada. Newfoundlands are famous for being huge dogs that are muscular and have thick coats, webbed feet and come in black, gray, white or brown colors.

Many of these regional Newfoundland breed clubs conduct events like specialty shows and dog-related parties and parades. As Newfoundlands are working dogs, a lot of them also organize water work, in which they are trained to rescue humans in water. There are also draft tests, where Newfoundland command skills are tested, and they must pull loaded carts.

Newfoundland Club of America

The Newfoundland Club of America has been around ever since 1930, and is the central American club that promotes the quality of pure-bred Newfoundlands, and encourages the other regional clubs. They publish a quarterly magazine, and conduct activities like National Specialties and working events. Newfoundland enthusiasts are welcome to apply for membership.

Heart of America Newfoundland Club

The Heart of America Newfoundland Club is the regional club for parts of Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Iowa and Nebraska. They hold meetings and specialty shows for this area, and are active in some rescue efforts. As for membership, they welcome anyone who has interest in Newfs.

Bear Mountain Newfoundland Club

The Bear Mountain Newfoundland Club has members from New York City, stretching north into several upstate counties, as well as Long Island. They hold events like board meetings and holiday parties, and offer a breeders list for around New York State. Their website has the information on applying for membership.

Newfoundland Club of Northern California

The Newfoundland Club of Northern California offers specialty shows, water tests, parades, draft tests, meetings, holiday parties and public education events. People involved in this club range all the way from the Oregon and California border, to around Reno, Nevada; they are the largest Newfoundland club of the Western United States. Those interested in becoming a part of this club should read this.

Colonial Newfoundland Club

The Colonial Newfoundland Club is centered around Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C. They are active in things like annual meetings, fun days, specialty shows, pet parties, parades and draft tests. They also put on swim dates, where they allow Newfoundlands to train water work. The Colonial Newfoundland Club also does a regional rescue network. Click here for the membership information.

Colombia River Newfoundland Club

This Newfoundland Club is based around Oregon and Washington, and has been active since 1989. They host recreational and educational activities, as well as participate in public events and parades. It is a great club for Northwest nature enthusiasts, as they put together things like mountain, beach, picnic and water days.

Genesee Region Newfoundland Club

The Genesee Region Newfoundland Club is based in upstate New York, and they hold meetings, as well as conduct draft and water tests. They host an annual dinner and publish a newsletter as well. There are different types of membership for this club.

Newfoundland Club of Florida

The Newfoundland Club of Florida is active with events like fun days, annual celebration weekends, parades, summer events and draft test practice times. Their website lists information on how to join them.

Great Lakes Newfoundland Club

The Great Lakes Newfoundland Club has members around Michigan. These Newfoundland enthusiasts march at parades, and hold board meetings, tests and assorted workshops. They offer an online membership information.

Mesquite Newfoundland Club

The Mesquite Newfoundland Club is centered in Arizona, and they organize activities like conformation events, rescue, therapy dog work and obedience or working tasks. Its members also organize meetings, and they welcome people to apply to the club.

High Country Newfoundland Club

The High Country Newfoundland Club has members in Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming and Utah. They participate in working tests and have compiled a list of area breeders. A membership application is available on their website.

Newfoundland Club of New England

The Newfoundland Club of New England involves people throughout the states of Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. This club offers fun and educational events, holiday events, dinners, clinics, hikes and other activities. They maintain a regional breeding list if people contact them. New Englanders can download a membership application online.

New-Pen-Del Newfoundland Club

The New-Pen-Del Newfoundland Club is the regional club for New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware. This club holds some drafting workshops, and they have compiled a regional breeder list on their website. New people are welcome to apply for membership.

Newfoundland Club of Hawaii

The Newfoundland Club of Hawaii keeps its members busy all year with a variety of meetings, fun matches, breed shows, specialty shows, picnics, potlucks and more. They also assist a Hawaii rescue program.

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