Amtrak Allowing Pets to Travel on Trains

Amtrak has started a new program of allowing pets to travel on their trains. The program is still in an experimental phase but if it seems successful, it will slowly spread to be nationwide. For now, the only trip that allows pets is between Chicago and Quincy, Ill. Itโ€™s a 4 hour train ride and will be in effect for 6 months.

This is the first time that the Amtrak has allowed pets that were not service animals to travel in the passenger area of the trains.

The rules are similar to flying with pets:

  1. There is an additional pet fee
  2. Your pet must fit into a carrier that can be stored under your seat
  3. You may not take your pet out the carrier
  4. At station stops, your pet cannot relieve itself as there are no designated areas and the stops are pretty short
  5. Your pet must be up to date with vaccines

This is a wonderful alternative for dogs and cats that cannot travel on airplanes, such as brachycephalic ones like pugs, bulldogs, persian cats, and other breeds.

To read the rest of the article check out NBCโ€™s article.

Image from Geofoxx

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