Great Android Apps for Pet Owners

For those of us who have Android phones instead of iPhones, there are many apps available that are useful and fun for us and our pets. If you have an Android phone, the following apps can come in handy when traveling with your pet or just home but need some information at your fingertips.

  1. Pet First Aid: The Pet First Aid app is one of those you hope youโ€™ll never need but will breathe easier knowing you have it. It’s easy-to-use with step-by-step illustrations and detailed videos, including restraint, muzzling, CPR, bandaging, and more. The nice thing is, the videos and information are available in the app, so you don’t have to worry if you are hiking and have no reception.Pet First Aid is available for $2.99 and can be downloaded here
  2. MapMyDogWalk: Wondering how far you’ve walked? Are you working on helping your pup lose those pounds in a nice, slow way? This is a great app for tracking the distance you’ve walked, pace, and calories in real-time. It will keep you motivated to continue your routines. There are also markers letting you know of dog parks, dog-friendly places, and other things you may want to look for while out and about!MapMyDogWalk is a free to download and can be found here
  3. Puptox– A great little carry around app that will let you know what items may be toxic to your cat and dog. Not sure if those flowers you are thinking of buying at Trader Joe’s are safe? Look it up! What about the candy bar your dog just ate? You can get a rough estimate of the level of toxicity by entering in your dog’s weight, the amount of food eaten, and get an idea of how severe or how sick your dog might get.Puptox is $.99 to buy and can be found here.
  4. Tagg– A great new app that lets owners know what their pet is up to 24/7. This app uses GPS and wireless tracking to record where your pet walks, runs, and hangs out. If your pet leaves an area an alert is sent to you that will help you locate and get her/him back home. The tracker attaches to your pet’s collar and the app is on your phone. This app is best for dog owners as cats have a wonderful talent for “losing their collars” while out and about.The Tagg app is available here and the tracker is available for purchase

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  1. you can search in the android market and read the reviews in case you find the app may not be right for you. :)