AT&T Goes To The Dogs

AT&T announced earlier this week that they are going to be selling a dog collar that can track your dog if it is lost or stolen. It will be a wireless collar that has a SIM card in it made by a company called Apisphere. If your dog leaves the boundaries you create a text or email will be sent to your phone and computer letting you know. The collar will use GPS so you can track down exactly where Fido is has run off to.

The positives of this are that aside from microchips, you can find your dog quickly and also know where that dog walker you hired walks your dog.

There hasn’t been any word on when the collars will be available or how much they may cost.

Of course, you should still have tags on your dog’s collar so a good samaritan can call you and let you know that your dog was found and not end up in the local shelter as a stray.

It’s not quite as innovative as the dog collar that Dug wore in the movie “UP” that translated his barks and thoughts. Then again, it might be better to not know exactly what our pets are thinking. My cats are rude enough. I don’t think I’d want to hear what they think of the clothes I wear or the shows I watch on tv!


4 thoughts on “AT&T Goes To The Dogs

  1. This is a really cool use of technology! I know especially when people travel with their pets, there is always the fear of losing them in a strange place. We’ve had to help our guests track down their pets a number of different times, and the fear (panic) on their (the owners) faces was not pleasant. You don’t realize how close you’ve become until you think that something bad has or will happen to them.

    Stan Horst

  2. Sound great!
    Please send me more information on the collar. 1527 2nd Street.
    West Babylon, New York. 11704

  3. hi Elaine,

    If you’re looking to find out when AT&T releases this device, please check on their website.

  4. I know, my friend had her dogs get out of the yard and we drove around the neighborhood for hours. If these collars were around then, we’d have found them before one of them ended up at the local shelter and the other was walking around near a busy avenue!

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