August 26th is National Dog Day

National Dog Day is coming. What is it? It’s a day where we honor dogs who have touched our lives, homeless ones who are waiting for their forever homes, and remember all they do for our well-being and lives. From bomb-sniffing airport dogs to search and rescue dogs to the wagging tail of a dog that is happy that you’re home, dogs love and help us out in countless ways.

The holiday was created by the National Dog Day Foundation in 2004. Colleen Paige, the founder, was motivated to start the holiday after looking through a coffee table book about 9/11 and noticed there was no mention of the rescue dogs who spent weeks working alongside their fellow humans. She felt that our canine friends deserved a day where we say, “thank you” to them all for saving our lives, keeping us safe, and keeping us sane. National Dog Day is sponsored by the Animal Miracle Foundation + Network.

If you are a dog owner, you can relate to how special a dog is and how much love they bring to the family. Dogs bring a special kind of love into a home that can’t be matched and definitely deserve a holiday dedicated to them.

5 Ways to Celebrate National Dog Day

  1. Spoil Your Dog – Your dog deserves a day of fun. A trip to her/his favorite dog park, special dog treats, and extra play time is a way to celebrate this holiday. A trip to the pet store to get a new toy and a picnic afterwards can end a great day out.
  2. Adopt A Dog – If you have been thinking of adding a dog to your home or a second dog, head out and adopt. You don’t have to wait till August 26th but that would be a great way to always remember the day you found your new best friend.
  3. Upgrade Your Dog’s Things – A new pet bed, switching to a higher quality dog food, a new leash and collar, and maybe a new car harness or carrier. If your dog likes to sleep on the bed with you, but has a hard time jumping up, it could be time to invest in doggy steps.
  4. Sign and Support Animal Welfare Groups – Local and national groups that strive to increase awareness about puppy mills, dogs that are victims of neglect, and work to change laws that protect dogs and cats need support. Take the time and sign pledges, donate a few dollars, and make a promise to yourself to always include your dog in your family.
  5. Volunteer – Check out your local shelters and rescue groups and volunteer time. Dogs in shelters need walks and play time. You can help keep a dog happy and socialized by volunteering a few hours a month. If you have old blankets, pillows, or gently used dog toys that your dog doesn’t need anymore, donate them to your local rescue or shelter. If you have room in your home, consider becoming a foster parent.

How are you celebrating National Dog Day? Tell us!

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2 thoughts on “August 26th is National Dog Day

  1. I’ll be celebrating this day the same as I do ever other day…Looking at ‘that face’ and appreciating how fortunate I am that SHE rescued ME!
    But, for this date, for the record: “Karma”, I adore you! To steal a few song lyrics, “I Knew I Loved You Before I Met You!” For all the Dogs who need homes and the myriad of photos on the websites, knowing I could only adopt ONE seemed like a mind blowing task…Until I saw ‘that face!’ A Border Collie, all curled up in a ball, who had seen better days and always deserved the best that life had to offer, and somehow hadn’t stumbled onto it yet.
    Our special ‘Angel Dog’ who trusted us absolutely because she only chose to remember the people who helped save her and not the ones who put her in a position where she needed to be ‘saved.’
    She used to be scared of, well, most things.
    This Dog has overcome so much and come SO far because of her Heart and Soul, and because when I said “Trust me, I’ll never steer you wrong”, she Believed in me. Now, when I need her most, to make my own ‘comeback’, all I have to do is look in those eyes and my own words are echoed right back at me! “Trust me…You’ll be fine!”
    There are not enough positive words in the world to express my Love and Gratitude to this Dog!
    THANK YOU KARMA!! I never could have done it without you!! 365 ‘Special Days’ a year to you!!!

  2. I will bake some special treats for my Sasha. She is a wonderful border collie mix, great with my kids and loves to cuddle. If you want to spoil your special family member, buy some all natural homemade dog treats from Treats By The Pawful. There are no artificial colors, preservatives, salt or sugar in any of the treats. I have a page here on facebook as well as a website. Come check it out.