Awesome Pet Friendly Food Trucks

Treats Unleashed

At Petswelcome, we’ve known for a long time that finding a pet friendly hotel as well as places to eat with your pet are the recipe for a successful trip with your favorite animal. When it comes to places to eat, food trucks are a great option that you should definitely explore. That’s because food trucks are, by their very nature, pet friendly. Since you obviously don’t eat in the truck, you can bring your pet, get in line for some food, and then sit at a table that’s usually set up nearby. And, even if they do prohibit dogs in the food park area, or you can’t get a seat, you can always find a nearby park bench or stoop (pet travelers need to be both wily and creative!). It solves the eating-out-with-your-pet dilemma when you’re traveling and is a great way to sample wonderful ethnic and/or regional food. Not very long ago, cafés were pretty much the only real option to dine out with your pet, but now there’s a whole other world out there, thanks to Pet Friendly Food Trucks.

A great way to sample the fare without running all over town searching out locations and/or flagging down individual trucks is to find a Food Truck Park/Market, a site that has numerous food trucks in one place so that there are plenty of culinary options to choose from. Many of these truck parks are located near green spaces and also provide music and other events on weekends so the atmosphere is always great.  Here are just a few of our favorites:

Atlanta Food Truck Park & Market, Atlanta, GA

Trucks are booked at the AFTP based on expected crowds. Usually there is a selection of 6-8 trucks during the week, with 10-14 on weekends. Check out Dogs on Wheels, Sweet Auburn BBQ , the Blaxican (Mexican soul food) and Chayj’s “Sugar Mama” Dessert Food Truck. Leashed dogs are welcome outside the dining area. We recommend you spread a blanket and picnic over at the nearby green space.


The Austin Street Truck Stop, Denton, TX

This park offers delectable treats from vendors like The Waffle Wagon, The Dumpling Brothers and The Pickled Carrot. You can pick up some vittles and make a beeline with your best buddy to the downtown square, which is nearby.

The Pittsburgh Food Truck Park, Millvale, PA

Located along the Allegheny River in Millvale’s Riverfront Park, which is on the Three Rivers Heritage Trail, the Pittsburgh Food Truck Park opened in April 2018 and features food trucks from all around Pittsburgh. The founders, Matt, Tony and Shawn Lang, envision it as representing the taste of Pittsburgh and want it to be totally family friendly, which, of course, means allowing dogs. Some of the food trucks include Curly’s Tin Rizzi, McFeely’s Arctic Ice , Revival Chili and  Cousin’s Maine Lobster. Yum!

Majestic Mushroom Food Truck
The Majestic Mushroom Food Truck

Memphis Food Truck Park, Memphis, TN

Totally dog friendly, the Memphis Food Truck Park only asks that you keep your best buddy on a leash at all times. Do that and you’ll be ready to check out Taste of Tennessee, Grill Master Chew and the Majestic Mushroom Food Truck, among many others. Go to the park’s Facebook page for menus, reviews and upcoming events.

Seattle Barkery
A happy customer at the Seattle Barkery.

Finally, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention some food trucks totally dedicated to man’s best friend. These include Treats Unleashed in St. Louis, MO, featuring ice cream, tennis balls, chews and toys; Fetch, in Birmingham, AL, offering bacon ice cream, chicken pupsicles, and pupcakes (Slurp!); and the Seattle Barkery, which serves up delicious cakes using grain-free flours and a choice of peanut butter glaze or whipped cream cheese frostings, both with bacon sprinkles.

To our mind there is no better way to get the feel of a place than to sample its best foods with your dog in tow. And food trucks are a great way to do it. With names like Daddy’s Girl Gourmet Dogs, Bollywood Zing, Fork in the Road and Jamaican Mi Crazy,  who can resist the call? So get out there and start truckin’ now, and, please, let us know what you find.

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