Basset Hound Clubs in the United States

Basset Hounds are a very adorable breed of dogs, and many owners are proud of their floppy-eared pets. There are lots of Basset Hound groups around the United States, and they are involved in all sorts of different activities. The rescue groups take care and house Bassets until they find them a new home. The clubs usually consist of owners and breeders, and are involved with specialty shows, parades, meetings, newsletters, social gatherings, obedience trails and more!

Basset Hound Club of America

The Basset Hound Club of America was founded in 1933, and they are dedicated to promoting quality in breeding Basset Hounds, organizing local Basset Hound Clubs and assisting activities, urging members to accept the standard of the breed from the American Kennel Club, and encouraging sportsmanlike competition at dog shows, field trials, obedience trials. They are involved in a number of specialty shows throughout the year in different American cities.

Their website has ample information on the history of the breed, being a “long, low scenting hound of French ancestry,” as well as on the breed standard. They publish a newsletter, Tallyho.

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Northern California Basset Hound Club

The Northerern California Basset Hound Club is involved with specialty shows, this year’s taking place June 26 and 27 in Lodi, California. They also are involved in Basset Hound Field Trials, and this year’s will go on in August.

Golden Gate Basset Rescue

This is a major Basset Hound rescue league that has been servicing Northern California for 14 years. Their members usually have a few Bassets up for adoption. This club is also active in many of the local dog events.

Potomac Basset Hound Club

The Potomac Basset Hound Club has some occasional breeders, and is sometimes involved in specialty shows. They also put out a newsletter a few times a year. They hold meetings, as well as picnics, fun matches and holiday parties.

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Greater San Diego Basset Hound Club

This southern California club has several breeders, and is also involved in specialty shows. They also hold occasional meetings.

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Dal-Tex Basset Hound Club

The Dal-Tex Basset Hound Club is full of breeders, conformation exhibitors and people involved with other dog competitions. They also hold meetings and publish a bi-monthly newsletter. Those interested in membership should read this page.

Badgerland Basset Hound Club

The Badgerland Basset Hound Club is based in Wisconsin, and have members around the Midwest. Their members are involved in conformation, obedience, agility, rallies, Canine Good Citizenship, therapy dog activities, rescue and ordinary Basset owning. They also hold monthly meetings, and have annual specialty shows, this year’s being in October.

Those interested in joining should take a look at the application form.

Suncoast Basset Hound Rescue

The Suncoast Basset Hound Rescue is a network based in Florida, and has been in action since 1997. They usually have available boys, girls and pairs.

Basset Hound Club of Western Pennsylvania

The Basset Hound Club of Western Pennsylvania has members who are Basset breeders and owners in Western Pennsylvania, Michigan, West Virginia Eastern Ohio and South Western New York. This club is dedicated to the health and well-being of Basset Hounds, keeping up the breed’s standard and adhering to the AKC rules. They hold two specialty shows per year.

North Texas Basset Hound Rescue

This rescue network was founded in 1984, and is dedicated to preventing cruelty, taking medical care of the Bassets and placing these dogs into loving homes. They have several available Bassets.

Fort Dearborn Basset Hound Club

The Fort Dearborn Basset Hound Club was founded in 1954 and is situated in Illinois. They are involved in some specialty shows and other events.

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Pilgrim Basset Hound Club

The Pilgrim Basset Hound Club was established in 1953, and has members around New England. They are an active club involved in club meetings, Basset Fun Days, Fall Matches, field trials, rallies and specialty shows. They are also connected with breeder referrals. Those interested in membership should read the requirements.

Colonial Basset Hound Rescue

This is a Basset Rescue group based in New England and run by volunteers. Check to see if they have any available dogs.

Greater Minneapolis St Paul Basset Hound Club

This Minnesota Club holds regular meetings for administration and special meetings for education. They also hold dog-friendly events like summer socials, agility and tracking, as well as an annual general meeting each September. Every June, they usually participate in the annual Oakdale Parade and march their dogs. They also hold a Basset Specialty Show, typically in June, and several fund-raising events to help support its activities. They also know a couple breeders.

Those interested in joining this Basset Hound club should read the membership details and then fill out an application.


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  1. Hi! As a basset mom and lover of the breed, I just wanted to tell you about a couple of additional basset rescues in my area – TriState Basset Hound Rescue and Mid-Atlantic Basset Rescue. We just attended our 10th Tri-State Boardwaddle in Ocean City, NJ, with our 11 year old recsue girl, Emily. About 500 bassets and their people usually attend and huge crowds gather along the street and board walk to watch the hounds, many in costume, waddle along. The Boardwaddle is part of ocean City’s annual DooDah Parade, which has featured such guests as Mickey Rooney, Carol Channing, Soupy Sales among others.

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