Bay Village Fire Department Receives A New Pet Oxygen Mask

In our day to day hustle and flow, it’s great to take a break and read some news that makes us smile. It could be a heart warming story of a cat or dog that was missing for months and was reunited iwth their family, a child who overcame a hurdle, or an event that elicits fun and play while also raising awareness. Today I found a great article about the Bay Village Fire Department in Ohio and the new oxygen mask they received from the Friends of Bay Village Animal Kennel.

The Bay Village Fire Department had a pet oxygen mask that was shared among the paramedic units. The shape of the mask is a better fit for dogs and cats than the ones made for humans and helps ensure that the maximum oxygen flow to getting to the pet. The kennel donated another one for them to use. It’s great to know that organizations are recognizing just how much our pets really are our family.

When I was a kid, the idea of saving the pet along with the kids and parents in an emergency seemed rare and almost as a “kooky” idea. The safety of the humans was seen as way more important. And I’m not saying that people aren’t important but it’s great to know that the importance of pets in people’s everyday lives, the fact that they really are family members, and deserve care and compassion on all levels is heartwarming and makes me smile.

The fire department is grateful for the donation and it covers an expenditure that was not in their budget. Check out the article here to read more.

Are you curious as to whether or not your local fire department has pet oxygen masks?

If this makes you wonder if your local fire department has oxygen masks for pets, you can always ask them. If you are interested in donating or collecting donations for pet masks, visit this site to check pricing and other details about them. More and more fire departments across the US are using and acquiring pet oxygen masks. It’s a quiet movement but a life-saving one.

Does your fire department have them? If so, give them a shout out!

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