Beer for Dogs

Sometimes your human friends are too busy to hang out or they get too nutty after a few drinks and watching some sports. Well, you have another friend that you can go out with who is a good wingman, won’t get too loud, and will happily let you buy him some food, your dog! The Branding Villa in South Gosforth, Newcastle now has a pet-friendly menu.

They offer a beer for dogs that is made from hops, malts, and a meat extract. Aside from some drink, your dog can also have some dinner that is covered in what they call, “cat flavored gravy.” So far it’s been a big hit! The beer is non-alcoholic and tastes like meat from the patrons who have tried it before giving it to their pups. There aren’t many pubs where you can bring your dog without having to sit outside. Branding Villa lets your dog sit inside with you, watch the game, and share the day with your best buddy.

The dog friendly menu includes items such as Chicken a la Franc (a dog version of chicken chasseur), a dessert menu, and a dentastix to keep those teeth clean and white. Dave Carr, the manager of the pub, said his dog doesn’t like the beer but everyone else’s dogs love it. He says that a dog friendly pub is the way it should be, with wooden floors and a dog laying in front of fire.

Sharing an evening with your pup can be really relaxing and being able to take her to a place where you can socialize, she might make a friend, and everyone goes home fed and happy is always a win. If you’re near South Gosworth, check out Branding Villa and don’t forget, bring your dog.

Images courtesy of Daily Animal Lover


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