Benefits of Walking A Dog

We know it’s good to walk our dogs. It teaches them how to walk on a leash, gets us moving, and helps socialize our pups with the outside world. But on hot days, rainy days, cold winter mornings, and after a long day at work, walking is the last thing we want to do… right? There are just some days when going for a walk feels like a chore. To help keep us all motivate to walk our dogs and keep our butts moving, here are 4 benefits to walking a dog.

  1. Burns Energy – yes it’s gross outside, yes you’re tired, and yes you’d rather order a pizza and watch tv… but going for a walk burns energy which in turn helps keep you in shape. It also helps release built of passive stress. Releasing stress can also create a better mood for you. So imagine this: crappy day at work and annoying drive home, followed by an evening walk with your sorta hyper pup… yea, it could be an annoying walk, but afterwards you and your dog will both be calmer, a little physically exhausted, and happier.
  2. Keeps Weight Down – bikini body, dad body, etc. We all want a better shaped body or at least keep the body shape we have and one way to do that is to walk. It’s a good low impact exercise. Go for as long a walk as you want, walk as fast or as slow as you want, whatever works. The walk helps keeps your pet from being overweight, keeps your pet agile, and stimulated. It also keeps you from gaining weight and may make you skip ordering the pizza and go for something a little healthier.
  3. Get To Know Your Neighbors – ok, so maybe some of us introverts don’t want to know our neighbors but actually, spending time walking the streets and having a path helps build a sense of community. You may find yourself talking for a few minutes to someone else who has dog in your area, buying a cup of lemonade from the kids selling it on the corner, or finding out there’s a new coffee shop opening downtown. You may also meet that cute new neighbor who moved in across the street who looks single and also has a dog.
  4. Longevity – walking your dog reduces stress, promotes good cardio, and keeps weight down. All this equals a longer life. That’s a good thing… for you and your dog. Also, keep in mind the walks don’t have to be long. A 20 min walk everyday can make a difference.

Do you walk your dog? What other benefits do you feel you get from it?

Image from South Delta Dog Walker

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