10 Best Gifts For Your Cat (or Cat Lovers)

It’s time to start shopping! As you go through your list of friends and relatives, don’t forget about your best friend in the world, your cat. Or your best friend’s best friend (sorry, but it’s probably true). If you’re not sure what to get him/her, don’t worry. We got you covered.

Top 10 Gifts For Cats

  1. Variety pack of toys

    If your cat is picky this is a good deal. There are 20 different types of little toys in this bundle. Plastic balls, rubber balls, and a lot of stuffed catnip sacks are sure to keep your cat happy. This is perfect for kittens and older cats. The toys come in a zippered back for storage so you can ration out or collect them back up as needed.
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  2. Pet Cat Tunnel

    This is cool. If your cat likes hiding under the blankets or scurrying under things, the cat tunnel may be the perfect gift. It has three different openings that lead to a center. The center has a hole where you cat can poke his/her head out of and say “hi!” It’s durable, collapsible, and easy to clean.
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  3. Hot Pursuit

    Does your cat chase your feet under the blanket? Mine do. I wake up to two cats pouncing on me every morning. This toy might distract them from me. It’s an electronic toy that has a mat and a wand with a bead on the end. The wand is under the mat and moves. The movement has several settings and the mat is durable. Your cat may spend hours trying to catch whatever is under the mat or may just dive underโ€ฆ either way, take video.
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  4. Cat Scratcher

    This cat scratcher is pretty cool. It has several pieces that can be repositioned and replaced. Aside from distracting your cat from tearing up the leather couch, the scratcher can be “new” to your cat each time you rebuild it. Simply stack the cardboard scratching pieces onto the base and rotate them to create bumps and corners or make it a smooth tower. The scratcher stands about 2 feet high and stable.
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  5. Cat Dancer

    I have this for my cats and they love it. It’s a simple toy made from wire and cardboard. Simple, cheap, and hours of fun. The cat dancer is a lure that can be attached to a wall or held by you. It moves in an erratic way that mimics flies. Cats will jump, swat, and try to bite the cardboard pieces. It also lasts a long time.
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  6. DIY Cat Condo

    Ok, this is a cool house. It’s a cat condo that is customizable based on your imagination. The condo comes with 28 solid panels to create walls, 9 panels that have holes for your cat to walk through, and a cat hammock. If you’re a lego master, this cat condo may be fun for you too. Rebuild it to keep your cat interested and amused.
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  7. Cat Scratcher and Lounger

    Scratching is hard work. Why not give your cat a two in one gift? After the scratching is done, your cat can collapse on the cardboard scratcher and catch some Zs. The scratcher is large to accommodate a full size kitty. It’s light so you can move it around the house as needed.
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  8. Automatic Laser Toy

    Looking for a hands free toy that your cat will play with while you get some chores done? Then this gift might be the one for you. It’s an automatic laser pointer. Simply turn it on, and watch your cat try to catch the ever elusive red dot! It has several settings to adjust the speed and path the laser pointer takes. For best results, place the base on a table to prevent your cat from bumping it or trying to catch the red dot from the base. You don’t want your cat to stare directly at the laser.
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  9. Vesper Cat Lounger and Scratcher

    Here is a very nicely designed cat tower. It has three rope pillars for your cat to scratch and a top shelf. There is also a cubby hole for napping. Each level has padding for ultimate comfort. There is assembly required. It is sturdy and will last years. It’s easy to wipe down since it’s made from pressboard similar to bookcases and desks.
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  10. Fling a String

    This toy is just plain silly. Attach it to a door knob and turn it on, the string loops around in up and down which can drive your cats nuts. It’s perfect for play time. The string is moved by a conveyer belt. When your cat catches the string, the toy stops moving. As soon as your cat lets go, it starts looping again.
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