Best Halloween Costumes for 2014

It’s that time again, the kids are back at school, the days are starting to get shorter, and hoodies are hanging on the coatracks. Halloween is coming and that means it is time to think of what your pup will be this year! There are so many costumes that we’ve seen from year to year that are awesome like dressing your dog up like Yoda, a prisoner and you are a cop, and as the horse for the headless horseman. We looked around and found some costumes we haven’t seen before that are adorable and funny.

7 Halloween Costumes For Your Dog

  1. Chippendales Dog Costume
    Why not? Your dog probably turns heads and has helped you meet people. With the little black bow tie and cuffs, your dog will be ready to dance on stage and have dollar bills stuffed in his collar.

  2. Viking
    I doubt a cat will tolerate dressing up for Halloween… but a small dog would look hilarious dressed as a viking… or you could say your dog is THOR.

  3. Star Wars Bantha
    If you loved Star Wars, why not dress your dog up as Bantha? This costume comes complete with a rider on top. You could dress up as another character from Star Wars and be a couple.

  4. Ewok
    Or… if a Bantha isn’t your style or your dog’s style – how about an Ewok?

  5. Lion
    Dress your pup up as a lion and see if anyone is fooled. This costume probably does work best with golden retrievers but who knows… maybe a pomeranian could look fierce in this headpiece.

  6. Bacon DogLove bacon? Want to show the world that your dog also loves bacon? So much to the point s/he wants to be bacon? Then this is the perfect costume for Halloween!

  7. Poodle
    Maybe your dog is having an identity crisis and wants to change his/her breed. Well, for one day your dog can be a poodle… I guess you could wear this too if you really want to be a poodle as well.
  8. What is your dog going to be for Halloween? Let us know!

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