Best Pet-Friendly Companies To Work For

Many of us know the benefits of pets in terms of reducing stress, enhancing our day to day, and reducing depression. It seems over the years companies that aren’t just mom and pops or small businesses are also realizing the benefits of having pets at the office. They can boost morale, change the mood of the room, and offer a quick break from staring at the computer screen for 8+ hours. For the pet owner, it helps ease worry about their pet being alone all day, getting into something they shouldn’t (garbage can), and lunch time includes a walk. For the pet, they are given a ton of attention from co-workers and get to have a routine that keeps them happy and stimulated.

Small companies used to be the only place where you might someone bringing their dog to work or a mom and pop store that has a cat in it. It wasn’t common to find pets in larger companies but if you are a pet lover and will soon be in the market for a job in retail, web development, or another customer facing industry, here are some great pet-friendly companies to work for.

Top 5 Companies That Are Pet Friendly

  1. Clif Bar – You know this company, they are the protein bar company that has pictures of people climbing on a cliff. Their bars are great for when you’re hiking or just need a quick boost of energy while at work. Well, they’ve had an open dog policy from the beginning. In fact, there may be as many as 20 dogs at a time in the office all waiting for lunch to go play, walk, and hang out with their other furry buddies. The company even has a group vet deal for its employees. How cool is that?!
  2. Pet Plan – is a pet insurance company and has many employees who bring their pets to work. It only seems natural. They even have a few guidelines in the employee handbook about pets in the office to make sure all the creatures get along. Pet Plan is crazy about pets and their office is often full of tail wags, doggie kisses, and helping customers with their pet insurance policies.
  3. Google – yes, as you surf the web and use google as your guide, the employees are sitting there at their computerse with dogs at their feet. Google is known as one of the most pet-friendly places to work at. They are also very conscious of creating a welcoming work place for everyone. Their policy includes guidelines about cleaning up after your dog, being mindful of fellow colleagues who may be allergic to your dog, and other items to make sure everyone is happy.
  4. Zynga – Not familiar with that name? Well, some of the games you play on your smartphone might be made by these guys. A video game company in San Fran which makes some of the most well known games such as Words With Friends and Draw Something has a pets welcome policy. According to Zynga, “Everyday is bring your dog to work day!”
  5. Etsy – since its start in 2005, Etsy has been a dog friendly office. Casual and creative workers have enjoyed letting their dogs play, snooze, and have meals together in the office. It helped create a schedule and employee bonding. It also is a lot of fun for the dogs. The dogs also inspire the team at Etsy from time to time. Many of the dogs are rescues too which just makes this company that much more lovable.

Does your company allow dogs in the workplace? If so, let us know and tell us how it helps your day!

Image from The Pets Central

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