Blind Dog is a Therapy Dog

Smiley, a golden retriever, is doing just what his name says, making residents of a nursing home smiley. Smiley was born without eyes and rescued from a puppy mill when he was about 1 or 2 years old. When his owner, Joanne George, first adopted him, he was scared because he had never been outside of the barn that he grew up in. But Smiley met Tyler, a deaf Great Dane and the two became best friends.

Tyler helped Smiley become the happy, playful pup Joanna knew was there underneath the fear. Smiley showed promise as being a great therapy along with Tyler. The two dogs now visit schools and hospitals. Smiley is nearly 10 years old now and he’s a favorite among those who see him at the various places.

Joanne said in the time she’s had Smiley she learned to not be his eyes, not be extra cautious, and not keep him in a bubble. She lets him be a dog which means that sometimes Smiley bumps into things and uses his feet to feel where he is going.

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