Boost Your Dog’s Immune System

With the change in weather from winter to spring, spending more time outside at the local dog park can mean being exposed to more dogs which means more germs. It’s similar to a classroom of children who are all different and have different immunities and exposures to viruses.

Now that your pup will be out more on long walks, hikes, and playing with friends there are a few things you can do to boost your dog’s immune system. Just like us, dogs with strong immune systems are those that have a good balance of exercise, nutrition, and supplements. The immune system protects your dog and keeps their skin, eyes, joints, teeth, and more in great shape.

Here are a few ways to keep your pup’s immune system in tip top form:

1: Nutrition – make sure your dog is eating high quality food. You may even consider and discuss with your vet how to properly cook for your pet or move to a raw food diet. Read the food labels and do some homework to find what brand and type of food works best for you pet.

2: Keep Your Pet Hydrated – a hydrated dog will have healthier skin, won’t have overly concentrated urine, and will have less of a chance of having any urinary tract problems. A hydrated dog can be a happy dog!

3: Exercise – aside from helping control weight, building healthy muscles and bones, exercise can reduce anxiety and stress. Chronic nervousness and stress can contribute to a poor immune system. A dog that has been physically moving and stimulated will often be too tired to worry (physically and mentally) about the things that normally stress him.

4: Supplements and vitamins – dogs that get a little extra boost of supplements like fish oil, vitamins, and treats that are fortified with little extras here and there often have stronger immune systems. They may also have shinier coats, stronger bones, and more energy. Some treats have glucosamine for joints and reishi which can help promote a healthy liver and fight off cancer cells.

5: Vaccines – regular vet checks and keeping your pet’s vaccines up to date will prevent your pup from getting many dangerous viruses. It can make a world of difference and dog boarding facilities, dog daycares, and other places where dogs will gather in a group require vaccines to be current.

6: Preventatives – heartworms, fleas, and ticks are common problems we face owning dogs. Making sure we keep our pet protected from these nasty parasites ensures that they will be healthy and free from illnesses that are carried by these pests.


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