Boxer Clubs in the United States of America II

Boxers are such popular dogs, that almost every state in America has a club devoted to them!

These particular dogs unite people in many different areas, and some of the clubs organize shows, trials and matches, and also conduct meetings and some occasional recreational activities. A few of them also list puppies or are connected with Boxer rescues.

Michigan Boxer Club

The Michigan Boxer Club was established in 1945, and some of its members and their dogs participate in activities like agility, conformation and obedience competitions, while others just own and love Boxers. They hold monthly meetings in the Metro Detroit area, which often feature educational programs in addition to discussing the club matters. There are also annual dinners, award presentations, fundraisers, fun days and puppy picnics. People who want to join the Michigan Boxer Club should read their Membership Eligibility.

Middlesex Boxer Club, Inc

The Middlesex Boxer Club is based in Massachusetts and has been around over 60 years. They hold two specialty shows a year, and welcome new Boxer owners to apply.

Potomac Boxer Club

The Potomac Boxer Club is very busy, as they hold meetings 6-8 times during the year, in addition to some specialty shows, Boxer Fun Days, puppy matches and holiday parties. They are also linked to some rescue resources. Click here for information on applying to join.

Northwoods Boxer Club

The Northwoods Boxer Club is based out of Minnesota, and they are open to new members. This club is involved in activities like rescue work, breeding advice, training help and occasional dog shows.

Mid-West Boxer Club

The Mid-West Boxer Club was established in 1937, and conducts sanctioned specialty matches and obedience trials for dogs. They also can do puppy referrals.

New Jersey Boxer Club

The New Jersey Boxer Club holds six meetings a year, and guests are welcome to join these sessions. They also hold shows once in a while. Anyone who wants to become part of this club should read their membership information.

Treetowns Boxer Club

The Treetowns Boxer Club was first organized in 1956, and is still active today for its members in Wisconsin and northeastern Illinois. The dog owners of the club are involved in many Boxer-related activities, such as tracking, therapy work, agility, obedience, Boxer rescue support and responsible pet ownership. The club also holds obedience trials and other events; they also list Boxer puppies born in the area. Their website has information on membership.

Missouri Valley Boxer Club

The Missouri Valley Boxer Club is based around the Lincoln-Omaha region of Nebraska, and they have been in action for over 30 years. They hold one show and about ten meetings every year, and also put on other interesting dog-related activities. This club is also affiliated with Boxer rescue.

Ohio Boxer Club

The Ohio Boxer Club is active, putting together meetings nine months out of the year, as well as specialty shows and matches.

Saucon Valley Boxer Club

The Saucon Valley Boxer Club is based out of Pennsylvania, and has been around for over 30 years. They hold monthly meetings, along with a picnic each July, an education day each September and a Christmas party each December. They also hold dog matches, and some of their members are involved in Boxer activities like training classes, shows and therapy classes. People who are interested should read their membership application.

Sacramento Valley Boxer Club

The Sacramento Valley Boxer Club holds two specialty shows, sweepstakes and obedience trials every year in April and October, as well as sanctioned matches. They hold several meetings throughout the year that welcome visitors, as well as a fun outdoor picnic. This Sacramento club also conducts educational programs and other such activities. They even publish a monthly newsletter, and their site lists a regional breeder directory.

Pacific Northwest Boxer Club

The Pacific NW Boxer Club is for Boxer owners around the Puget Sound area in Washington State. Its members attend monthly meetings at private residencies, as well as hold two specialty show/sweepstakes each year. They also promote rescue networking, as well as publish a monthly newsletter.

Tar Heel Boxer Club

The Tar Heel Boxer Club is based around Greater Raleigh, and holds general meetings and board meetings.  People who are looking to join this club should attend meetings and then fill out an application.

Rhode Island Boxer Club, Inc

The Rhode Island Boxer Club is full of dog breeders and exhibitors who go to meetings 8 months out of the year. They also organize the annual New England Boxer Cluster in the Spring and another show in the winter, along with two yearly matches.


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