Cat Adoption Checklist

Thinking of adopting a new cat? Make sure you have your butt covered from start to finish!

Before Adopting

  1. Do your current pets like cats?
  2. Does your current residence provide a good environment for a cat?
  3. How will your social life or work obligations change to care for a cat?
  4. Anyone in your house have allergies?
  5. Do you have the time, patience, and finances to care for a new cat?
  6. What type of energy level would work in your house?

Cat Costs

  1. Can you afford a few hundred bucks for adoption fees, vet visits?
  2. Food – the higher quality food, the higher the cost
  3. Collars and id tags
  4. Kitty litter
  5. Grooming supplies
  6. Regular vet visits
  7. Toys and scratching posts
  8. Carrier

Time – Are you around enough to:

  1. Feed and water daily – for kittens you may need to feed several small meals
  2. Give at least 30 min to an hour of attention to your cat a day
  3. Brush and groom regularly
  4. Engage in play everyday


  1. Food and water bowls
  2. Food
  3. Litter box and scooper
  4. Litter
  5. Collar and ID Tag
  6. Cat Carrier
  7. Nail clippers
  8. Brush or comb
  9. Variety of toys
  10. First-aid supplies
  11. Enzymatic cleaner

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