Cat Beds for the Modern Home

Most cat beds and scratching towers are designed for the comfort of the cat. They are typically fluffy with a cover that can be washed and look like a pet bed. The scratching towers are often carpeted and have a few wooden pieces wrapped in thick ropes or cardboard. Some are fancier but in the end, they all look like cat furniture. So what does the pet owner who has spent some time and money decorating their home with a modern flair do?

There are a few cat beds that could compliment your house and make your cat purr.

Marmalade Pet Sweet Lounge Cat Bed
This bed is made from recycled cardboard and non-toxic adhesives. It is like a piece of art with its curves and symmetrical design. As your cat scratches the surfaces, they become softer spots for naps. The natural colors blend with almost any scheme and design you have in your house.

If you have a multi-cat household, they can both sleep on the lounger without fighting for space or pushing each other off. The curves of the lounger allow your cats to sprawl, twist, and stretch out any way they want to without sliding around on the floor or looking demented.

Your retro couch and Henry Miller chairs will be saved when you have a cat scratcher/bed this big.

Hepper Pod Bed
Cats love to hide and peek out of things. How many times have you found your cat sitting in a box or trying to climb into your bureau? The pod bed could be the perfect hide-a-way for your cat to snooze, spy, and hide.

The padding is sherpa and the outside is made from molded foam and laminated. The raised platform gives it a space age look but also gives your cat to be on a higher surface and feel safe. If you’re looking to get a cat bed that doesn’t look like a cat bed, this could be the one.

If you love the retro furniture like the big white circle chair or the marshmallow couch, you may love the pod bed. Your cat will just love that it’s a hiding spot all for him.

Lotus Cat Tower
Is your home a zen-like atmosphere? If so, a carpeted cat tree just won’t work in your home but a Lotus cat tower will! This tower is one the sleekest and prettiest cat towers I’ve found.

It doesn’t look like a typical cat tower but it has all the same functionality as any other cat tower, surfaces to perch on and a sleeping area on the ground level. Your guests might mistake the cat tower for a shelving unit or some type of art.

This tower could look great in your den surrounded by some bookcases or your living room by the window. It’s a great design and definitely would compliment any home.

If you’re looking to spruce up your cat’s design sense, these beds might do the trick. They aren’t cheap but they are made to last. There are plenty of cat beds and towers on the market, and other high-end designer ones to choose from. In the end, when buying cat furniture make sure it’s well-made, has materials that aren’t toxic, and functional.


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