Cat Myths Debunked: Know The Facts

There are many myths out there about owning a cat and their health, behavior, and personality. Some people will tell you that a cat will sit in the crib with a baby and smother it. Others will tell you that cats see ghosts and that’s why they stare off into space. Some may even try to tell you that they really do have nine lives and can survive big falls and jumps. No matter what you hear, always do your homework.

Here’s a few facts about commonly held myths pertaining to cats:

1: Cats like milk: Yes, they do but milk can turn their stomach and cause diarrhea. It can also cause your cat to become chubby because of the fat in it. Keep the milk for your coffee and give your cat fresh water.

2: Cats don’t get rabies: While they won’t foam or show aggression like dogs do, they can get rabies and need to be vaccinated. Cats are more agile than dogs and tend to run from dangerous situations but if they do get into a fight with a wild animal and get bitten, there is the chance that they could be infected with rabies. Always keep your cat up to date with vaccines.

3: Cats don’t need their whiskers, they can see: Ok, yes they can see but their whiskers help them judge the width and height of an opening. They are their “feelers.” Also, the way a cat holds their face and whiskers can sometimes indicate mood. Don’t tug them, your cat won’t appreciate it.

4: Garlic deworms your cat: It might keep vampires away but garlic does not help cats at all. In fact, garlic can cause anemia in cat and should be avoided at all costs. If your cat has intestinal parasites, bring him to the vet and get the proper deworming medication to address the problem.

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