Cat People vs. Dog People: Study Reveals Preferences Relate To Your Personality

Are you a cat or a dog person? Are you both? Perhaps you don’t like either one. Research done by the University of Texas found that those who define themselves as dog people are more extroverted, agreeable, and conscientious than cat people. In a recent article published by Mother Nature Network several other personality traits were also shown to dominate people who identified as dog or cat people.

In a poll conducted by conducted between 2008 and 2011, over 80 million users were asked if they were dog or cat people and what other creature comforts and habits they had. From the data crunched, a few things were revealed:

Dog people tended to be:

  • male
  • slightly conservative
  • more likely to live in rural areas
  • more likely to be active outdoor type of people

Cat people tended to be:

  • female
  • liberals
  • likely to live in a city
  • introverted people who may go to a party but stay near those they knew well as opposed to making small talk with strangers

I don’t personally believe all these generalizations truly encompass the complexity of what makes a person be who they are but it is a fun breakdown of how a pet can be a reflection of us. Dogs tend to be more dependent, more interactive, and demand more socialization than cats but there are cats that are very attentive, want a lot of mental and physical stimulation, and willingly want to go for walks and follow their owners around like a dog. There are also dogs that are independent, aloof, and prefer to be alone than running around a dog park. However, many dogs do like being out and about and many cats are quite happy being indoors and finding a comfy spot to nap or a window to perch in.

I asked a few friends who are pet owners, cat and dog alike, about some of their preferences and likes and dislikes. The results from my informal poll were aligned somewhat with the poll from Hunch but also had many shades of gray. I did not ask my friends who owned both cats and dogs.

Here are my results

Living Areas
4 dog owners lived in rural areas
3 dog owners live in a city
2 cat owners live in a city
1 cat owner lives in a suburb

Favorite Beatle
5 dog owners said Paul
2 dog owners said John
All 3 cat owners said John

Animal Rescue Leaning
All 10 of the pet owners have at one time worked, volunteered, or donated to a shelter and/or rescue group.

Male or Female
6 dog owners are female
1 dog owner is male
All 3 cat owners are female

What about you? Are you a dog person or cat person or both? What are your preferences? Let us know!


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