Cat Tips and Tricks

There are many ways we can make our lives a little less cumbersome, from trying to not leave our keys in random places around the house, to making a to-do list of things we need to accomplish. When it comes to our pets, we can alleviate some moments of agitation as well if we remember to do a few things like make time for play so they don’t become antsy and have cabin fever, feed them good food to avoid bad and gross cleanup, and provide plenty of water and keep the toilet seat down so we don’t have a soggy cat who slipped in or a dog who wants to lick our hands with hisโ€ฆ toilet water muzzle (ew).

Here are several tips that can make living with a cat (being owned by a cat as it sometimes feels like) a little easier:

1: If you’re using clumping litter and tired of how it sometimes sticks to the cat litter pan, you can try using a little non-stick spray to stop this problem. Wash the litter pan, let it dry, spray some non-stick spray inside the pan and make it is completely dry before putting litter back in. It should help keep the clumps from cementing to the pan.

2: If your cat attacks your toes or feet, redirect this behavior with a toy. You may want to have a few toys on strings or feather toys in different rooms. You can even walk around holding the toy, like a fishing pole, and let the cat play with that instead of your toes or feet.

3: Does your cat seem to not like eating out of the food bowl you have? Yet, meows and wants the food in it? Or maybe s/he’s taking to using a paw and scooping the food onto the floor, making a mess. Sometimes if a cat’s whiskers touch the edges of a bowl they will back away from it. The width of the bowl may seem too small. You can switch to a flatter bowl or even a plate before trying to see if it’s the food or a health issue.

4: Cat chewing the electrical cords? Electronic stores sell flex tubing that can be placed over multiple cords and wrap them up inside. It tidies up your space and also keeps the cat from accidentally being electrocuted.

5: Does your cat think digging in potted plants is a fun pastime? To curb this behavior, you can sprinkle a little powered habanero pepper on the soil. Very little. The smell of it will repulse your cat, and if some gets on her paws, a little lick will quickly associate the potted plants with a negative consequence. But, be very sparing if using this as it can really harm them.

6: Active cat that wants to play when you come home and won’t stop bugging you? Keep a variety of toys around and cycle through them so they seem “new” to your cat every few weeks. Spend a few minutes each day playing and create a routine that works best for you both. This way your cat will slowly know that before dinner she gets to play with a ping pong ball, or with you, and after dinner it’s time to nap and receive a ton of affection.

Finally, don’t forget to make time to laugh and relax with your pets. If you need a little reminder, check out this video:

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