9 Ways Your Cat Shows Love

Cats have that reputation for being aloof, for not being able to express companionship like a dog, and for not being as responsive as dogs. But, despite these old stereotypes, many people know that cats cuddle, purr, and do show affection for their owners. It’s just not in the same way as dogs.

Next time your “dog loving” friends tell you cats aren’t as affectionate, tell them these 9 ways that cats show love.

  1. Forehead touch – Also known as head bunting, this movement is the head butt to your chin, your leg, or hand. It’s how a cat shows affection and contentment.
  2. Cheek rubbing – Yes, it’s a way for cats to “own” something but it’s saved for objects in the house and you. Which means, you’re his and he’s pretty happy about that!
  3. Tail twitch – This one isn’t always obvious because cats often walk with their tails up but if it twitches a little when s/he approaches you, that means “Hooray! I like you!!”
  4. The Cat Stare – Cats don’t make direct eye contact with strangers. They save it for those they trust and love. A cat that stares are you and then slowly blinks is a sign of affection. Blink back.
  5. Purring – It can be for different reasons but if you are around a cat long enough you can learn the different types of purrs. A deep, full body rumbling purr when s/he’s sitting on your lap or settling down to sleep in bed with you is your cat’s way of saying, “I’m happy, I love you.”
  6. Kneading – It’s a behavior that’s left over from kitten days and it’s a sign of affection. Many behaviorists has said that cats kneading you is a comfort action and means that the cat loves you, feels safe, and is showing affection.
  7. Licking You – Not many cats lick people unless maybe they are offered a treat and then lick the hand. But some cats will groom and sometimes chew their owner’s hair. Yes, it’s kind of gross and it’s not fun to wake up to a cat licking your temples but it means you are special.
  8. Bring You Gifts – Dead birds, dead mice, or a toy are all signs that your cat respects and loves you. It’s a sign of trust and friendship. Your cat is sharing her prey prize with you.
  9. The High-Pitched Trill – Cats have many vocalizations ranging from a tiny mew to a full on howl. Listen for th chirping or trilling noise your cat may do when s/he sees you. It is a sign of affection. If you trill back, which kind of sounds like a “hmm” your cat might perk up and insist on sitting on your lap.

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Easter and Passover: 5 Holiday Pet Tips

Passover starts on April 3, 2015 and Easter is April 5, 2015. If you celebrate either one of these two holidays and have a furry friend in your house, there are some safety tips to consider to ensure your pet has a safe and happy day.

  1. Keep all decorations out of reach of your pet. If you have easter grass be careful that your dog or cat doesn’t chew and ingest any of it. This fake grass can cause blockages in their digestive system. You can substitute tissue paper in the baskets for grass. Cats are often intrigued by plastic items that catch light and move easily like tinsel and fake easter grass.
  2. Make sure flowers and potted plants are out of reach from your pet. Some decorative seasonal flowers are highly toxic to dogs and cats, and the temptation to chew on them seems unbearable. My cats just love to put holes in plants, so they always stay out of reach on a mantle or bookcase.
  3. Make sure your pets don’t find those easter eggs or the afikoman before the kids do. If you engage your family in the games of finding gifts, keep the family pet away from the room or yard where you’ve placed the items. Any foreign foods or objects that your pet may try to eat could make them very ill.
  4. Candy is a big part of Easter. Wrappers need to be out of reach from dogs as well as chocolate. Keep all ‘people’ treats and their wrappers away from your pet.
  5. If you host a party and your pet isn’t one for loud noises or gets overwhelmed, try keeping them in a room while your guests are over. It’ll reduce the stress on your pet and also your guests.
  6. Also remember, don’t get them wet, don’t expose them to bright light, and don’t feed them after midnight. Oh wait, that’s not dogs and cats…that’s mogwais.

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Stupid Human, Don’t Do That!

What annoys you the most about your human? Mine doesn’t wake up when I tell her to. I meow at her, stand on her, lick her head, and paw at her face. All she does is roll over or pull the blanket up over her. She doesn’t listen. I’ve tried treats, positive reinforcement, and ignoring bad behavior. Nothing works.

I’ve got a list of things that annoy me that my human does, does yours do this too?!

Rough-housing – playing rough is fine but not when I’ve just woken up from a nap! All I want to do is stretch, drink some water, and wake up slowly. I don’t want to immediately wrestle or have my sides rubbed really hard and fast. I don’t want to have my paws high-fived. Stupid human.

Fake outs – when we are playing a game, don’t fake throw the ball. That’s mean. Showing me the ball and then “throwing it” so I look around and dart after it only to find out that it’s still in her hand is just cruel. I don’t tease her like that.

Late feeding times – it’s annoying when she doesn’t come home on time, doesn’t immediately apologize, and doesn’t put food in my bowl the moment she walks inside. She’s not well-trained. I’m not sure where I went wrong. What’s even worse is when she picks up the bowl, puts food in it, and then forgets to put it back down on the floor for me! TEASE!

Inviting people over – I like some of her friends and some give me a lot of attention. But if I’m sleeping or have left the room do not come find me. I left because I’m done socializing. I don’t want more hugs, don’t want to be picked up. Leave me alone. Let me sleep! Ever notice humans are just dumb?

Stupid humans… why do we own them?
What does your human do that annoys you?

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February is National Pet Dental Month: Keep those fangs shiny!

February is National Pet Dental Month. The American Veterinarians Medical Association is working in conjunction with several clinics and companies around the country to educate and promote dental health to pet owners. It is estimated that about 1 in 10 pet owners make sure their pet’s teeth are cared for and brush them on a regular basis.

According to surveys and statistics gathered by the American Veterinarians Medical Association, periodontal disease, tartar, and swollen gums are the most common ailments vets see when they examine pets. Proper dental care can begin with a trip to the vet, who will let you know if your pet needs a cleaning or other periodontal care. It’s estimated that 70% of dogs and cats will have some kind of oral disease by the age of 3. But don’t worry, your pet doesn’t have to be one of them.

Did you know?

Like us, cats and dogs need regular care of their teeth and gums. They can get plaque buildup, tartar, and sometimes red, swollen gums and need treatment. Oral infections can sometimes also lead to other health problems and could cause problems in the kidneys and liver.

What can you do?

The American Veterinary Medical Association urges all pet owners to bring their pet to the vet for yearly checkups.

You can also try brushing your pet’s teeth. “TRY” being the operative word. There are toothpastes for dogs and cats that are easy to use and you don’t have to brush for 2 minutes like our dentists recommend. A finger brush, which is a rubbery soft brush, with some pet toothpaste is all you need to brush your pet’s teeth. It can take some getting used to for them and you. My cats hated it but tolerated it after several small battles the first bunch of times.

There are also treats that are geared to helping keep your pet’s teeth clean and remove the bits of food that get stuck between those fangs. Most importantly, it’s good to know what food and treats will not promote dental issues. Table scraps that contain sugars and some acidic ingredients can wear away at your pet’s teeth. Be careful to not let your cat or dog eat people food that isn’t for them. If you cook for your pet, talk to your vet about the ingredients in the meals you’re preparing and if anything might contribute to any oral disease problems.

What if your pet refuses to have their teeth brushed?

My cats tolerate having their teeth brushed but as they’ve gotten older they have taken to hiding when they see the toothpaste on the counter. If your pets are like mine and find this some mild form of torture, there are other things you can do to cut down on tartar and plaque buildup. There are treats that contain ingredients and are shaped in ways that help breakdown and prevent plaque buildup. Special treats like dental chews, dental bones, and other products are made specifically for promoting good dental health.

Chances are your vet is offering a deal for February for dental exams and cleaning. Check with them and talk to your vet about your options for maintaining a dental plan and what types of brushes and toothpaste are safe for your pets. Preventative care is always better and cheaper and your pet will be happier in the end.

Looking to start a healthy routine of brushing your pet’s teeth? Then check out these videos!

Image from Clearwater Veterinary Centre

Bath Time! Cats in the tub

Many of us know that cats aren’t fond of water. And probably even less of them want to be bathed. There are times when it’s necessary and some cats tolerate it quite well. Here’s several cats being bathed and their reactions.


Doesn’t hate it… doesn’t love it either

This cat doesn’t seem to mind at all

And this cat thinks it’s time to swim

He knows it’s bath time and he’s NOT HAPPY AT ALL!


However this cat loves the bath!

6 Things Only Cat Owners Will Understand

Cats have very specific desires that don’t always make sense to us. However, if you own a cat then you know that regardless of our understanding or logic, there are some definite truths that cats have and can’t be shaken.

In a house with a dog and cat: the cat is in charge


There is no such thing as “ALONE” time


Laptops were made for kittens to sleep on


Staring out the window is a sacred time. Do not disturb.

Very Best

A box will always be more appealing than an expensive toy


Sinks are cat-shaped for a reason… summer bed


Top 7 Best Scratching Posts

Tired of your cat scratching the leg of the dining room table? My cats used to scratch the floor speakers to my stereo when they were kittens. Very quickly I got them a scratching post, catnip, and praised them whenever they used the post. It worked!

If your cat has been finding things to sharpen her claws on – toilet paper roll, leather messenger bag, or the rug – it might be time to replace or buy a scratching post. Not sure what one to get?

Here’s 7 of the Best Scratching Posts

3-Sided Vertical Scratcher
This creative design is stable and allows your cat to lean up on the post. It’s made from recycled cardboard and has a cubby hole for your cat to sit in after she’s done digging her claws into the sides.
Buy it on Amazon

Lean-it Scratching Post
This is for leaning against a wall and is covered in carpeting to attract your cat from your real carpet. It comes if various lengths and colors. Lay it flat on the floor and your cat can scratch it and then nap on it.
Buy it on Amazon

Hourglass-shaped cat scratcher
Modern, sleek, and perfect for your little cat. Scratching posts don’t have to be “ugly” as proven by this creative design. It’s wrapped in sisal rope and will not tip over.
Buy it on Amazon

Scratching DJ Deck
For the little DJ in your cat, here’s a fun design. The scratching cardboard parts are shaped like records. It’s more for your amusement than your cat’s for sure but it’s awfully cute and will exercise your cat’s muscles and save your furniture.
Buy it on Amazon

Cat Scratcher Lounge
Sleep, play, scratch, repeat. This cat scratcher is the perfect combo toy for your feline. It’s made from recycled cardboard, has a fun design, and is sturdy. Toss some catnip on it and your cat will be happy!
Buy it on Amazon

Plush Scratch N Slide
The wave design is great for cats who lean into what they scratch and gives them a place to sit after they’ve exhausted themselves. The carpeting helps create a design that fits in most living rooms without it looking too much like a “scratching post.”
Buy it on Amazon

Scratch-N-Television Cat Scratcher
Play, scratch, lounge – be on tv! This scratcher is great for cats who like to sit in boxes and nap. The tv design will definitely amuse you and your family. Need to some laughs? This might the scratcher for your cat and you.
Buy it on Amazon

Why Do Cats Love Boxes?

If you have a cat you know they love to sit in boxes. Sometimes the boxes are as small as a coffee mug but that doesn’t stop a determined cat, even if it means only the paws are in the box and the rest of your cat is… well, spilling over the sides. Take a picture if that happens.

But do you know why cats love boxes or any space that is box-like such as your dresser drawer?

Here’s 4 reasons cats love boxes

  1. Boxes offer a sense of security – being in a box can feel like hiding out and cats have an instinctual need to seek confined spaces. It’s like a security blanket and helps relieve stress and anxiety. Even if they aren’t scared the security offered is comforting.
  2. Security and Lookout – in a box a cat can feel that they are protected from all sides and look out to see what’s going on. Cats have a predatory nature and the box acts like their cave where they observe the world around them without (they think) being seen.
  3. Maintains body heat – a box holds in heat and cats like to be warm. An enclosed space houses their body heat. You may have found your cat under the covers in your bed, in a box, or sitting in your bag. It’s all about the heat on cold winter days. Do your cat a favor, toss a blanket or old towel in the box for him/her to make it even more comfortable.
  4. Boxes offer resting places as they play – combining the need to lookout at prey, security, and even a nap spot, boxes are where you cat may run to and jump into during play time. Have you had a cat that chases a toy and then jumps into a box like a nut only to jump out a few seconds later zoom away? It’s like “base” to your cat. It’s the spot where your cat can pause, evaluate the toy, and then either attack it or zoom into another room and zoom back.
  5. Have pictures or videos of your cat in a box? Share them with us!

    Image from Archieli

7 Best (and Comfy) Cat Beds

Holidays are fast approaching. Wondering what to get that cat lover in your life? Or what to get your own cat? How about a new bed?

Here are Our Favorite 7 Best, Comfy Cat Beds

Ultra Soft Pet Bed By Trendy Pet

This soft bed comes in a variety of patterns and measures 20in by 28in by 10in. It’s machine washable and pretty enough that it’ll go with the rest of your decor in the living room.

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Faux Leather Cat Bed

I imagine on a chilly winter night, this bed would be perfect to curl into. The faux leather lined and fluffy pillow will keep your pet cozy and warm. The bed is washable and comes into several sizes for your cat (or dog).

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PAW Enclosed Cube Pet Bed

If your cat is like mine, s/he may love enclosed spaces. The cube bed is perfect. It’s soft, machine washable, and gives your cat the privacy s/he wants. There is a removable reversible insert pillow keeps your pet cozy with plush microfiber or flocked fabric. This is the perfect bed for those cats who are a little shy and like to “hide” and nap when you have friends over.

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Kojima Animal Beds

The bee is the best in my opinion. These beds look like fuzzy tents and measure 15in by 14 in by 14in giving your pet plenty of room to stretch out and snooze. The different animals are for your amusement.

If you buy this bed for your cat or dog, please send us a pic. It would be ADORABLE!

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Duck Pet Bed

This is another cute bed for your cat to snooze in and dream of chasing flies and mice. It’s got a no-skid bottom to keep it in place on your hardwood floor and it’s machine washable. There are 3 different sizes too in case your cat is a little on the “big” side.

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Thermo Kitty Heated Bed

I want this! It’s a heated pillow. If your cat is older, a heated bed is great for his/her joints and your cat will love you for it! The removable cover can be washed and the fleece lining is super comfy for your cat.

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Snuggle Cave

Soft, warm, and great for cats who like enclosed spaces. If your cat likes to sit in paper bags, crawls under the bed sheets, or snuggles in tight spaces, s/he will love this bed. It’s machine washable and measures 23in by 21in.

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7 Silly Pics of Cats Being… Cats

Cats, as described by non-cat people, are said to be aloof, uninterested in attention, and independent. While our cats are definitely self-sufficient in many ways, aloof and not wanting attention are not true. And cats aren’t always cool and serious.

Need a mid-day break? Check out these goofballs!

Your Turn, Little Human

Hey guys! Wait for me! Ugh…this screen is hard to open

Conflict avoider

Hey guys, I’m here!

I got stuck. What is this thing?!

Oh no! You’re never going to let me in, are you? Do you understand it’s raining? Do you not love me anymore?

Hang on, I got a snapchat