Caught on Video! Clever Pets Outsmarting Their Humans

We all believe our pets are smart. Well, maybe not. I know a dog who got his head stuck in a cat door and just stayed there for about 10 minutes looking pathetically sad and confused…

But we do know that some dogs, cats, hamsters, and other critters that we share our lives with can be brilliant problem solvers and find ways to get into the cabinets, open a door, or even use an iPad.

Here are 7 videos of pets showing off their skills:

This cat knows “lefty loosey and righty tighty.”



This cute cat knows how to unlock and open the window. Comes in handy when it’s time to strut around town.



I guess not all dogs like being crated. Watch this escape artist unlock his crate and then try to hide the evidence by knocking the camera over.



Sometimes a corgi needs a little help from her friends. Watch Ferris help his sister out of a crate.



This min pin would rather go play on the jungle gym.



Don’t bet money when playing pool with this dog. You’ll go home penniless.



This kitty knows that to open a door, you simply have to turn the latch.


What tricks do your pets do that blow your mind?

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