Celebrate Be Kind To Animals Week

If you love animals and want to help those who are waiting for forever homes, this is the week to get motivated. From May 6 to May 12, it’s Be Kind to Animals Week. It’s a great time to focus on your pets, share your compassion with your family and others, and do some service work to help those who need it.

Here are 4 ways you can celebrate:

1: Volunteer: Come on, you know you’ve thought about it. You’ve seen ads around town for your local shelter needing dog walkers, cat socializers, and those who can do some office work. Why not call the number or head on down and talk to the volunteer coordinator? There are also rescue groups who need help with outreach, at events, and posting flyers.

2: Letter writing: There are many states that have bills on their table regarding animal welfare. You and your kids can help by writing letters to your local political heads and congress asking for issues that you feel strongly about to be focused on.

3: Foster a shelter animal: If your home has the space, why not think about fostering a dog or cat? It’s temporary and helps them adjust to being in a home. You’ll have a great opportunity to give some TLC to a pet and help them find their forever home. It might even end up being yours.

4: Are you an artist? If you bake, knit, or have a crafty side you can focus it towards pets and create treats or toys. You may even end up selling your art to benefit your local shelter. Your kids can help too.

Whatever you do for your pets, your local shelter, or on a larger scale it counts. Every small act counts and makes a pet a little happier and a little more comfortable as they await their new homes.

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3 thoughts on “Celebrate Be Kind To Animals Week

  1. I am concerned about homeless animals on the street and animals in the shelter. I continue to contact legislators, sign petitions asking for an end to euthanasia of healthy homeless animals, stricter dog abuse laws, reform of the animal surrender law. I also make phone calls to animal control reporting dogs that have no dog house in extreme weather conditions, no water, or food nearby, kept isolated, chained up all the time. Poor dog handling conditions are the direct cause of fear biting incidents that we hear about in the news. Dawn Goodman

  2. Thank you for all the ideas of things we CAN do to support a shelter and help those lonely, needful animals. Other than donating money and time I hadn’t realized there were other things we can do to help. I hope many many others join in and help in any & every way they can. We’re so desparately needed!