Celebrate Your Dog’s Birthday in Style

dog_wearing_birthday_hatWith the recent elevation from lowly household pet to a member of the family, the dog is being celebrated in ways we would have never thought about 20 years ago. One of these ways is the birthday party – a way for pets and their owners to congregate for fun and companionship.

So how does one throw a party for his dog? It’s easy….

Choose your location – Where do you want to have the party? Home, doggie daycare, dog park, the beach? Each place has it’s pro’s and cons. You will want to do this first because your guests, food and party favors will all be affected by your location.

Choose your Guest List – Invite friends, family and anyone else you can think of who loves dogs. Make sure to invite people who have dogs so your pup can have playmates. Make it clear though that only friendly dogs are allowed.

dog-birthday-treatsFood/Cake – There are lots of options for food. Go to your friendly pet store or look up recipes online. Make sure the foods are specifically for dogs because many human desserts can make dogs sick.Β  Have plenty of water bowls scattered throughout the area. Make sure to ask your guests if any of their dogs are aggressive around food. If so they may need to be moved into a different area for the eating.

Party Favors and Activities – Have plenty of toys and balls for your dogs to have a fun romp. Have a race, toy search or Frisbee game. If you really want to go all out, there are dog agility toys available at any large pet store.

Photos – Most important of all, make sure you have a camera. You and your dog will cherish these memories for years to come!

Want more information on how to throw a party for your dog? Go to http://www.dog-birthday-parties.com/

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