Chicks and Ducks As Presents Are Not A Good Idea

Rabbits tend to be Easter pet presents but the care, money and time needed to take care of them can become more of a hindrance than a present if you are not 100% prepared to own one. There are many reasons not to get a rabbit as a present.

Chickens and baby ducks also tend to be given as gifts to children on Easter and as springtime birthday presents, but before you go to your garden supply shop, there are many considerations to be aware of in the care of these pets.

6 Reasons Chicks and Ducks Should Not Be Easter Presents

  1. You will be taking care of them, not your kids. Like many pet presents, once the fun and newness wears off the care and responsibility tend to fall on the shoulders of the parents. If you aren’t willing to clean up after the chickens and ducks, pay for food, care, and other supplies, and see if you need a permit from your county, then avoid these fellas as presents.
  2. Chickens and ducks are not solitary and prefer company, some places only sell them in pairs. They get very stressed out and lonely and can become troublesome or loud without a friend.
  3. They need warm, dry places to sleep that are also safe from predators such as raccoons, opossums, and cats. A heat lamp, bedding that is changed weekly or more, and close monitoring is necessary to make sure they thrive.
  4. Chickens and ducks can carry some bacteria but it’s more likely they can get sick from us. They can contract E. coli from humans and pass that on. Handwashing would need to become a must after handling them.
  5. Because of their physical build, walkways, ramps, and other structures that lead up to their sleeping and living area should have traction. A rubber mat works well to prevent them from slipping and breaking one of their soft bones.
  6. Also keep in mind, chickens and ducks can grow to be quite large, can escape a fenced yard, and may be a nuisance to your neighbors. Instead of getting your children a pet for Easter, how about some more candy and maybe a trip to the petting zoo?

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