Children’s Hospital Has Pet Ward

Nestle Purina donated nearly half a million dollars to the St. Louis Children’s Hospital to build a special family pet ward. The ward will have a dog bone box and a litter box for cats. The ward is for children who need to stay at the hospital for extended amounts of time and may want to visit with their family pets. Staying in a hospital can be very scary for small children, having a their best furry friend come by for an hour here and there may help ease this anxiety.

The new pet center is the third of its kind in the US to open and opened at the end of April. The idea was a no-brainer. When Nestle Purina was asked if they could help, the CEO, Joe Silberwright replied, “Why wouldn’t we do it?” and construction began for the new area.

The money from Purina is helping to build a 200 sq. foot space where children can spend a little time with their pets. The rest of the money is going towards an endowment which will support the people who will take care of the pet area.

To learn more about the new pet area, read the article here.

Image from BizJournals.

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