Create A Pet-Friendly Garden

Spring is here! It’s time to put away those winter gloves and pull out the lighter jackets. The days are longer and your garden is awaiting your green thumb. But what to plant? What is safe for your pets to be near? What is safe for the local critters who run through your yard like the squirrels, raccoons, and, maybe, just maybe, that cute little fox?

There are some garden supplies that are not safe for pets, so to help everyone who is looking to create a beautiful backyard and make it safe for your pets we have tips of what to plant and supplies that are safe for your pets.

Elements of a Pet-Friendly Garden

  1. Walkway: If you have some pathways, use smooth stones and create a gentle walkway that is comfortable for dogs and cats to walk on, flagstones set in pebbles work well.
  2. Mulch: Cedar chips are safe for pets and often large enough that they don’t end up tangled in long fur.
  3. Borders: If you have areas where you want to keep your pets away, driftwood can help persuade dogs and cats to stay away from the planted areas. Bamboo also creates natural fencing once it has grown and become dense.
  4. A space of their own: If your dog is digger, persuade and train them to do it in their own “sandbox” area where they won’t ruin or damage plants.

Pet-Safe Plants

  1. Red-Twig Dogwood
  2. Smoke Tree
  3. Lilacs
  4. Catnip
  5. Bamboo
  6. Pumpkins
  7. Acorn Squash
  8. Cast iron plant
  9. Jasmine
  10. Venus Fly Traps

For more information about pet-safe gardens, visit Dogs in the Garden and check out the list they compiled.

Image from Web Gardening Tips

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