Dalmatian Clubs in the US

The Dalmatian Club of America

The Dalmation Club of America has been running since 1905. They represent over 1,000 breeders and fanciers around the country. They are dedicated to “promoting, preserving and protecting” the breed. They publish The Spotter, which is a quarterly magazine about the club and its activities. Their website has a lot of resources, like the Red Book, which has all sorts of information for prospective owners. They also hold national and regional shows.

Chicagoland Dalmation Club

This club serves the greater Chicago area. People in the area can apply to be a member of the Chicagoland Dalmatian Club. They usually hold competitions and other events, like chili cook-0ffs, fun matches and Christmas parties.

Greater Pittsburgh Dalmatian Club

The Greater Pittsburgh Dalmatian Club has been in operation since 1964, and is an organization of breeders, trainers, owners and enthusiasts. Members hail not only from the Pittsburgh area, but also from other places in Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia and elsewhere. Members should attend meetings, and there are also specialty shows and fun days!

Dalmatian Club of Southern California

The Dalmatian Club of Southern California has been in action for over 60 years, and is in existence to promote the breed and foster dog shows. The website has several helpful resources about how to determine if a Dalmatian is right for you.

The Dalmatian Club of the Piedmont

The Dalmatian Club of Piedmont is centered in North Carolina, and dedicates itself to preserving and protecting the qualities of this dog. They also help the public learn about the responsibilities in owning a Dalmatian. They hold specialty shows every year; for this year, their shows will be in July, in Greenville, South Carolina. They hold their meetings around the Carolinas.

Dalmatian Club of Greater New York

The Dalmatian Club of Greater New York is a regional club that is affiliated with the Dalmatian Club of America. To apply for membership, you must be in good standing with the AKC, and own a purebred Dalmatian.

Dalmatian Club of San Diego County

This dalmatian club is mostly for members around San Diego. It is an AKC sanctioned club that holds matches in San Diego county.

Pugent Sound Dalmatian Club

This Dalmatian Club is centered in Washington state, and holds competitions for obedience, agility, tracking and conformation. They even bring their dogs to the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade in Seattle!

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