Dating a Dog Owner

The dating world has never been a simple place for anyone, toss in a few variables like work schedules, children, divorce and it gets more complicated. Now, what if you have a dog? You may find someone who likes dogs but may not like them as much as you like them. Pet lovers are some of the friendliest people around and it’s easy to start building a relationship when a commonality that takes up as much time, passion, and caring is shared.

Meeting someone at a local dog park or event can give you both a great starting off point and some dates can be casual and involve your pets. Your dog is important to your life, and if you’re single, your dog is your best buddy that sometimes helps you stay social, leave the house, and keeps your spirits up when work and life get to you.
With Valentine’s Day coming up, wouldn’t it be nice to find a date and meet someone who shares one of your big interests? Someone who understands that a weekend may entail getting up at 7am to walk the dog and heading home before a night out to let the dog out? Someone who wants to go on long walks and hikes with you and your dog? Or someone who is not grossed out by doggie kisses?

4 online dating sites that understand the need to find another pet lover

Must Love Pets allows you to create a profile and helps you prescreen other profiles for safe dating. The site introduces daters to singles who match with your criteria. It is a free site to join.

Date My Pet is a online site that offers pet owners an anonymous way to meet people for dating or friendship. Singles can create profiles and are able to search other profiles. It also has articles, dating tips, and pet advice. Date My Pet has suggestions for pet dates to help people figure out a great first date. It is free to sign up but there is a fee to have access to advanced features of the site such as email other users and chat.

PetPeopleMeet is another site that is simple to use, easy to browse, and geared for us pet lovers to find other pet lovers. Create a profile and start browsing to find others who may have pets, love pets, and are looking for someone just like you.

YouMustLoveDogs is a newer dating site and looks like a great place to find other dog owners who are single. Create your profile, talk about your dog, add some pictures, and start browsing other dog lovers in your area. You may find a great date or a new cool friend to hit up the dog park with and has a dog that could become your dog’s new BFF.

If online dating isn’t your thing, there is also speed dating. Some speed dating locations are tailored for special interests such as pet lovers, divorced singles, and single parents.

Why bother with someone that won’t appreciate your dog or cat? Instead, if you are a pet lover, check out any of the dating sites listed above to find someone who understands how special a pet can be!

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