Divorce: Who Gets The Pets?

When I worked at a doggie daycare, we had one dog whose owners had divorced. They shared custody of him and would split the week. It worked really well. One owner would drop the dog off for half the week and then midweek, the other owner would pick him up and finish out the week. When couples divorce, pets are personal property and must be awarded as part of the division of items between the couple. While pets are not inanimate objects like a car, they are also not children. Their status in that in-between realm.

So, what do you do when a pet is part of the divorce?

Couples who are divorcing are opting for co-ownership of the pet and creating visitation schedules. Pet schedules work similar to a child’s visitation schedule and may also include a split in the financial expenses. There can be some disputes that arise and a divorce attorney can help resolve and negotiate terms that everyone finds agreeable.

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