Do you LIKE PetsWelcome on Facebook?

Those of you reading this article on PetsWelcome are, in all likelihood, subscribers to our newsletter. That’s great, because it’s the easiest way to keep up with the new things we publish here on the PetsWelcome blog. But even though there’s a Facebook box on the website and in the newsletters, you may not realize that there are good reasons to connect with PetsWelcome on Facebook, too.

Here are five reasons you should LIKE PetsWelcome on Facebook, if you haven’t done so already.

1. There’s more stuff on Facebook than the blog.

We always make sure that the latest articles from the PetsWelcome blog get posted to our Facebook page, but that’s far from the only thing we post there. We put a variety of animal-related tidbits on our Facebook page – including funny pet photos, inspiring stories of pets and their people, and animal news items that sometimes make us laugh or cry. You’ll find one or two new posts on PetsWelcome during the week, but we’re posting on Facebook every day – so clicking the LIKE button on our page will give you a daily dose of animal goodness.

2. Time-sensitive information goes on Facebook.

We monitor the news for announcements about pet food recalls and other time-sensitive information, but we don’t often put those things on the blog. Why? Because by the time you got the newsletter (or found the article by searching online), it may well be out of date – and that’s not useful to anyone. To be in the loop on time-sensitive issues that may be critical to your pet’s health, follow our Facebook page.

3. You can connect with other traveling animal lovers.

Reading the posts on the PetsWelcome blog is great, but it’s a very one-way street – we write articles, and you read them. Sometimes you comment on them, yes, but on Facebook the conversation is much more dynamic. Not only do you get to react to what we’re saying and posting, you get to interact with other people in the PetsWelcome community. You’ll find funny comments, questions about pet travel, and photos that fans have posted.

4. Sharing is caring.

Building on the point above, we’re always excited to get notes from PetsWelcome community members on Facebook, and to see photos of their pets as they travel. (Sometimes we even offer thank you gifts for that kind of sharing, we love it so much.) The bottom line is that we don’t want Facebook to simply be us talking at you – we want you to share your pet travel experiences with us, too. And if you like PetsWelcome’s Facebook page, why not share it with your pet-loving friends, too?

5. You’re on Facebook anyway, right?

Let’s face it – most of us spend at least a little time on Facebook every day anyway, so why not add PetsWelcome to your day in a place where you already know you’re spending time?

So, do you LIKE PetsWelcome now?

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