Does Your Cat Have Sniffles?

My cat sometimes sneezes and has sniffles. He purrs but it sounds slightly congested. I wondered why and talked to my vet about it. She told me it could be allergies and an air purifier can help him. When I got home I did a quick web search and found there could be other reasons as well.

According to Dr. Stephens, DMV there can be a few reasons why cats have runny noses. He mentions allergies that typically are accompanied with clear discharge and sneezing. But he also mentions three other possibilities why cats might have runny noses.

  • Infections – viral issues like calicivirus, herpes, and upper respiratory infections can be the cause of runny noses. These are usually accompanied with other signs of illness like discharge that is yellowish or green.
  • Allergies – cats can have allergies like people to seasonal changes on pollen. The discharge is typically clear with sneezing. Sometimes it’s seasonal and sometimes it isn’t. My cat seems to sometimes sneeze so hard that his discharge sometimes has some blood in it.
  • Dental – some cats who have tooth problems may show sinus issues. They may have a discharge that is bloodier and may look brownish. Sometimes the discharge can be pinkish. If your cat has some red and swollen gums or the teeth look to have tartar or plague, there could also be an infection and your cat should go see the vet.
  • Tumors – sometimes it could be something growing in the nasal passage and be causing a blockage. Again, if you’re not sure why your cat is congested and sneezing, see your vet.
  • These are some of the more common reasons for cats having runny noses and sneezing. To read the complete article, go here.

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