Dog Breed Traits

Breed traits are a sneaky thing. They can unknowingly sneak up on dog owners after their new and cute little puppy has turned into a chewing monster. They haunt owners whose dogs can’t stand but to chase everything in sight and those other owners who can’t deal with disabling separation anxiety.

Breed traits are simply something you can’t get away from. You’ll find it in your dog’s bark, in how social they are, how accepting they are to people, in their personalities and in their athleticism. Breed traits are a huge factor behind your dog’s behavior and the most experienced dog owners know, that you can’t escape them.

Greyhounds will chase, Bloodhounds will howl.

Or most will.

While there are some exceptions to the rule, when purchasing a dog it is important to consider breed traits. This simple factor is something that millions of new pet owners overlook when purchasing new puppies. After all, how can you say no to the cute puppy dog eyes of a Bulldog or the fluffy adorableness of a Chow-Chow? Few can. However, by researching your dog purchase beforehand you can prevent some of the problems dog owners run into once that cute little puppy turns into a grown up, dog maniac.

Each dog has certain personality, health and physical aspects that are common to the breed. By researching these elements you will find yourself a happier dog owner with a happier dog. Although it seems obvious that a German Shorthair Pointer wouldn’t do so well in an apartment or that a Lab makes a great family pet, some newer dog owners overlook common breed characteristics and find themselves with dogs that are unruly or in difficult to handle.

When purchasing a new dog or considering a new breed for your family, do your research. Find out which dog will fit your family’s personality. You and your future pet will be the better because of it.

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