Dog Etiquette: 7 Tips for a good canine citizen

Do you notice that your dog sometimes goes nuts when meeting a new person? Maybe your dog jumps up and knocks people over or runs over dogs at the dog park while playing.

There are some basic commands your dog should know to not be considered the “Dennis the Menace” of your neighborhood. If you bring your dog to daycare, the dog park, or hang out at cafes and bars that allow dogs, it would be great if you made sure your dog has manners and doesn’t freak anyone out or embarrass you to becoming a recluse.

Here are 7 tips that every dog and their owner should know.

1: When walking your dog on the street, put a leash on when walking down busy avenues where there are more people. Some people are scared of dogs, some people do not like dogs. People will appreciate your respect for their safety and well-being. It also keeps your dog safe. Remember, squirrels, cats, and crazy bike riders could scare your dog and with a leash you can quickly act and make sure no one gets hurt.

2: When passing people and other dogs on the street – move to the right or left to give everyone space to pass without conflict. Some dogs don’t like other dogs, some dogs like to pick fights on leash, and again, some people have a fear of dogs.

3: Always carry a bag or several to clean up after your dog. There are biodegradable ones for a “greener” clean up and many that can be attached to a leash in a handy little case.

4: If your dog is mouthy and nips – OMG, please break that bad habit, IT HURTS and puts holes in shirts.

5: Make sure your dog knows to sit, stay, and comes when called. It helps to control them at the dog park and makes it easier for the vet or daycare to get your dog when it is time to get picked up. No one wants to chase a dog around a room, well, maybe the dog does. It is comical to watch. It’s not funny to be the chaser.

6: Try your best to make sure your dog does not jump up on strangers, especially if your dog is medium to large. Being jumped on by a big lab or a standard poodle is not fun and can be dangerous.

7: If you want to bring your dog to daycare or the dog park, make sure your dog is socialized enough to interact positively. If your dog does not get along well with many dogs you may find yourself leaving the dog park within minutes with a grouchy dog in tow.

If you dog is well-behaved you’ll find yourself not being frustrated at her/him often and your neighbors will be happy too. A dog that is not well-trained can cause a lot of mayhem. If you find yourself having problems trying to get your dog to listen or walk nice on a leash, consider finding a trainer for a few lessons. These 7 tips will make everyone’s life a little happier.

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3 thoughts on “Dog Etiquette: 7 Tips for a good canine citizen

  1. My 5 year old female pug will sit and stay. However, for the most part she plays the ‘deaf’ roll when I say ‘come’. It’s as if I’m speaking a foreign language. About the only way she will come is if I say, “you want a treat?”. Then it’s lickety split. How can I get her to come when I call. She is otherwise extremely well behaved.

  2. Barbara,
    You offered the solution. From now on, never call your dog with the command “come” unless you have a treat ready for a reward. Sometimes, mix it up and give more than one. Make it inviting not stern and say “come” with playfulness and good energy. Practice by playing hide-and-seek in the house. The few times you are out of treats, reward your dog as soon as possible with a short “come.” Practice it immediately when your dog’s attention wanders. You and your dog will have a much better relationship now!

  3. Thank you for reinforcing what I’ve been doing.

    One other quickie! My Pug has trouble with her anal glands clogging and I have to have them expressed about every 2-1/2 to 3 months. Do you know of anything that can keep them from clogging like this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.