Dog-Friendly Beaches in England and Wales

If you somehow find yourself with your dog in England while you’re venturing around Europe, make sure to make a visit to some of these dog-friendly beaches!

Weymouth Beach

Weymouth Beach is located in Dorset, and there is a small area where dogs are allowed to be. It is flat and sandy, and the shallow water is easily accessible. This space is better for small dogs. On the main beach, dogs are not allowed from May 1-September 30.


Branscombe is in East Devon, and is an interesting area of natural beauty, being a pretty little town that has a pebble beach and lots of rock pools. Dogs are also welcome to walk along the clifftops. There may be restricted access for dogs from May through September. There is also nearby Ness Cove Beach, where dogs are allowed all year.

Perranporth Beach

Perranporth Beach is located in Cornwall, on the North Cornish Coast. It is a huge, sandy space with extensive sand dunes. They allow dogs to be there all year round.

Bamburgh Beach

Bamburgh Beach is part of Northumberland, and dogs are welcome all year to explore the beach and sand dunes. There is also a famous nearby castle in this area of breathtaking beauty. It can be a bit cold here, but is nonetheless a clean, scenic place to visit.

Danes Dyke

Located on the southern part of Flamborough Headland in Yorkshire, Danes Dyke is a small nature preserve complete with sand, rocks, rock pools, woodlands and beautiful cliffs. It is also a place full of interesting avian species for bird watchers, and there are some hiking opportunities.

Whitby Beach

Whitby Beach is in North Yorkshire. During the summer, they have some restrictions on the southern area of the beach, but dogs can go around the northern area. Another beach in North Yorkshire is Filey Beach. While this beach has restrictions on dogs in the summer months, it is a very large beach with lots of easily accessible area.


Holkham is located in Norfolk, which has wide, open spaces of beach, dunes and lagoons. Dogs are welcome so long as they are leashed.


Whitstable is a small seaside town in Kent, close to Canterbury. It is a fishing town that is famous for its oysters, and has a dog-friendly pebbled beach.

Rhossili Bay

Rhossili Bay is part of greater Swansea, Wales, and has miles of clean sand and even some remnants of shipwrecks. This beach is complete with lots of area for dogs to freely run around. Rhossili Bay is also famous for being the most visited surf spot in its area.

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