Dog-Friendly Parks and Off-Leash Areas in Edmonton, Alberta

Edmonton, Alberta, has lots of fun parks for dogs and humans to play. These parks are all unfenced, and usually are not loaded with amenities, so users should come prepared.

Edmonton is a large city divided into many different neighborhoods. Though cold most of the year, Edmonton actually has the highest per capita park land out of any city in Canada. These parks contain a large concentration of healthy American elm trees, which have become diminished in many other parts of North America.

To use the off-leash dog parks, dogs must be licensed, and owners must carry a leash in their hands.

Buena Vista Great Meadow Off-Leash Area

This unfenced, off-leash area takes up a lot of space in greater Laurier Park. It is a near a balloon launching area, so dogs are required to be leashed if there is a balloon setting off in the air. There are a few amenities, like nearby restrooms, benches, waste bags and trash cans.

Jackie Parker Park Off-Leash Area

This is a large, unfenced off-leash area that covers areas of the greater park. Dogs may not go on the golf course.

Patricia Ravine Hiking Trail

This gravel hiking trail allows dogs to be off-leash for most of its premises. It is a one-mile trail that goes from Whitemud Drive to the river.

Grand Trunk Park Off-Leash Area

This is an unfenced, off-leash area located in the Lauderdale neighborhood. It is located on the south side of this greater park.

Belgravia Off-Leash Area

The Belgravia Off-Leash Area is unfenced, and is a narrow area that is close to the road, so dogs that use it must be under control and not run away. Other than that, it is a pleasant area that goes along the North Saskatchewan River.

Orval Allen Park Off-Leash Area

This whole park is an unfenced, off-leash area that is located in the Dunluce area. Dogs can also be off leash on some of the road.

Cromdale Off-Leash Area

The Cromdale Off-Leash Area is small and not fenced, and can be accessed from the area that is by 112th Avenue.

Wellington Off-Leash Area

Located in Wellington, this is a narrow, unfenced off-leash area for dogs that goes along two streets.

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