Dog-Friendly Parks Around Albany, New York

If you are headed to New York state’s capital, Albany, there are plenty of places for you and your dog to enjoy with or without a leash!

The four designated off-leash dog parks are open from dusk until dawn. To use the off-leash dog parks, dogs are required to be vaccinated, sociable and under owner control. Dogs also must be leashed when they are away from the off-leash areas.

Department of General Services Off Lead Area

This fenced, off-leash area is located on Erie Boulevard, just north of the Interstate 90 bridge overpass.

Normanskill Farm Dog Park

This dog park is located off Delmar Avenue, and is fenced and has pleasant scenery.

Westland Hills Dog Park

There is a fenced, off-leash area located in greater Westland Hills Park. It is a small park that is located close to the SUNY Albany campus.

Hartman Road Dog Park

This fenced, off-leash dog park is located half a mile past the Thruway Bridge, by the Community Gardens.

Washington Park

Washington Park is a large, popular park with many natural and human-made attractions. It is one of the oldest city parks of New York state. They hold events that usually take place in spring and summer, but dogs are not allowed at the events, so make sure you check in advance for events to avoid confusion. The park features grassy fields, statues, monuments, a lake house amphitheater, tennis courts, a pond, a playground and many paths to explore. Dogs are allowed to join you on leash.

Albany Pine Bush Preserve

This large preserve is full of dense shrubs, pines, grassy fields and wild flowers in the summer. It is also home to the Karner blue butterfly, which is an endangered species. There is a network of trails located in this preserve that are utilized year-round. Dogs are allowed to hike with you on leash.

Vischer Ferry Nature Preserve

This nature preserve is located in nearby Clifton Park, New York. It takes up 600 acres, and many local dog walkers enjoy taking walks here along the Mohawk River and Erie Canal. It features some historical sites for the Erie Canal, as well as a wetland wildlife area that has some migratory birds. Dogs are allowed in this preserve on leash.

Erie Canalway National Heritage Corridor

This is an interesting place to walk around if you like history, where you can walk along the canal banks. People often jog and bike along its sides, and others utilize the water for fishing, motorboating, cruising and kayacking. Dogs are allowed to walk with you along the banks if they are on leash. This site is located in nearby town Waterford, New York.

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6 thoughts on “Dog-Friendly Parks Around Albany, New York

  1. Tip: If you have never been to Washington Park before, just a little warning. When there are no “event’s” going on, expect to encounter off leash dogs. In spite of leashes being required, many dogs are allowed off leash by their owners/walkers. There is one large open flat area in the northeast corner of the park that many are drawn to. On an occasional visit to this park with my lab, I found some of the dogs in this area to be quite territorial.

  2. Great I was planning on talking my puppy there today to get her use to new things but if the dogs are like that I will go somewhere else..

  3. There is a field in Washington Park that many people use as a dog park by letting their dog off-leash. However, there is no sanctioned dog park in Washington Park, and leash laws are in effect throughout. However, I think many people are unaware that this field is not a dog park because, for one, the leash law is simply not enforced. I’ve seen police on bicycles hanging out up there watching the dogs. Most of the time, the dogs are well-behaved and the owners are attentive. But we all know it only takes one dog or one bad owner to make a mess of things. And I HAVE seen off-leash dogs (without a verbal recall) approach on-leash dogs with some tense results. People really need to use their common sense (c’mon! a dog park without a fence??) and take responsibility for their dog’s behavior.

  4. This park is grate for dogs liveing in albany, but the PEOPLE that go to this park are not pit bull friendly. although albany has a verry high pit bull population. i still bring my pit bull there when i can, but people leave when they see him. eventhough he is fully traind and a big sweethart. The dog owners at washington park are stuck up.

  5. thanks for the heads up but im also concerned with the fact i have two dogs one loves to play with other dogs and is very hyper and the other is very skittish and im very nevus about bring them to a dog park in general can anyone give me advice to help my little one that is skittish was found tied to my porch and you can tell she was abused and i dont exactlly know how she will react with other ppl or dogs shes good with my neighbor and her 1 year old but when i bring her to the pet store if ppl try to approcher her she barks and hides behind me and im worried that with so much going on at a dog park shes going to be scared so if someone can give me advice that would help with both of my dogs on how to calm my oldest down which is a boxer and reassure my littlest down which is a pit that would be great