Dog Friendly Parks Around Anchorage, Alaska

The city of Anchorage, Alaska, is surrounded by many options of exploring the beautiful nature with your dog. Though an urban area, it is in proximity to dense Alaskan wilderness. Some of these parks have off-leash areas for dogs to enjoy, especially if you love snow!

Watch out for moose!

Connor’s Lake (Bog) Unleashed Dog Area

This dog park is not fenced, but are allowed throughout the park to play with other dogs. Dogs are allowed on the trails on-leash, except during the winter months.

Russian Jack Springs Park

This pleasant greater park takes up 300 acres, including 8 tennis courts, 2 picnic areas, 1.5 miles of hiking trails that connect with a greater trail network, softball fields and 3 miles of cross-country ski trails. The off-leash area is called Lion’s Camper Park.

Far North Bicentennial Park

Dogs are welcome to hike around this park so long as they are vaccinated, leashed and well-behaved. Many cross country skiers and dog mushers use this park’s trails. The unleashed area is called the North Gasline Trail, which is off of Campbell Airstrip Road.

University Lake Park

This off-leash area is right on a lake, near forest and some other beautiful scenery. It is not fenced, but there are many fun trails to explore, some of which circle around the lake.

Hillside Park

Hillside Park contains many different trails, some with awesome views of Anchorage. The more difficult the trail is, the higher the number it will be marked. Many people use the trails for cross-country skiing and mountain biking, depending on the season. Dogs are allowed to join you on leash.

Delany Park Strip

This is an urban recreational area in Anchorage, that has festivals and events throughout the year. Other common activities include kite flying, skating, tennis, volleyball, baseball and basketball. Dogs are allowed throughout this park on leash.

Earthquake Park

This park commemorates an earthquake that hit its premises in March 1964, that was a 9.2 on the Richter Scale. There are many monuments and other memorabilia that cite this event throughout its grounds. Leashed dogs are allowed in this park.

Chugach State Park

This huge park has half a million acres, making it the third biggest American state park! It is an extremely diverse park, full of rivers, streams, mountains and forests. Dogs are allowed throughout the park on leash. Be careful if you let your dog off-leash, because of the wildlife that live in the park.

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