Dog Friendly Parks Around Fresno, California

Fresno, California, has many outdoor options to offer humans and dogs during their vacations. There are off-leash areas, urban parks and even national forests located in proximity to the city.

Basin AH1 Dog Park and Pond

This dog park is open seasonally, May through November, from 7:00 AM-10:00 PM daily. It is a great place for dogs to cool off in the summer, because it’s all full of wading pools.

Woodward Park Dog Park

This dog park is located within the north east part of greater Woodward Park. It has separate areas for large and small dogs, and costs $3 to park there ($5 for non residents).

The greater park is about 300 acres, and has an amphitheater, Japanese garden, walking trails, a lake, ponds, playgrounds and picnic areas. Dogs must be on leash to explore Woodward Park outside of the off-leash area.

Roeding Park Dog Park

This is Fresno’s newest dog park, located within greater Roeding Park. It features separate areas for large and small dogs, and costs $3 to park there. It is open daily in April to October from 6:00 AM-10:00 PM; it closes at 7:00 PM from November to March.

The greater park takes up 159 acres, and has grassy fields, a lake, ponds, and many trees, such as ash, pine, eucalyptus, ash, cedar and redwood. There are picnic areas, BBQs, horseshoe fields and playgrounds for visitors to enjoy. Dogs must be on leash to join you within the greater park.

Kearny Park

This park is built up around the Kearny Mansion, which was built in 1900, and has been converted into a museum. It has over 220 green acres, with soccer fields, picnic tables and playgrounds. Dogs can be on leash throughout the park, but are not allowed in the Kearny Mansion Museum.

Sierra National Forest

If you and your dog are feeling adventurous, you can take a trip to this huge park is located in Clovis, California, just south of Yosemite. The park takes up over 1.3 million acres, and contains over a thousand miles of beautiful hiking trails.

The forest is to the western slope of the central Sierra Nevada, and there are many mountain peaks and fields covered with trees. Dogs are allowed to accompany you on the hiking trails in this forest, just make sure you do not wander into other surrounding forests that do not allow dogs. If you plan to enter one of the five wilderness areas, you must obtain a Wilderness Visitor Permit.

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