Dog Friendly Parks in Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville, Florida, has tons of access to great nature and sandy beaches. It also features Dogwood Park, which is always rated as one of the best American dog parks!


Dogwood Park Lake Bow Wow

This is a wonderful choice of a dog park! The entire park is 42 acres, and 25 of those are fenced in. Dogs are allowed off leash in the entire park, making it one of the biggest dog parks of the country. It’s a perfect place if your dog loves the water, because there are separate ponds for large and small dogs, dog showers and warm water baths. Otherwise they can run around on the grass, walk on the trails, dig holes in the sand pile, play frisbee or fetch, or exercise on the agility course. They have waste bags available, and a shop that sells merchandise. They even offer obedience training and puppy kindergarten. They sell daily passes, or yearly passes if you live by Jacksonville.

Paws Park

Paws Park is a free off-leash dog park that is part of Jacksonville Beach. It is a city park that is maintained by volunteers. It features separate grassy areas for large and small dogs, benches for humans, waste bags, and watering bowls. It is closed on Thursdays for maintenance.

Huguenot Memorial Park

This is a beachfront park where you can hang out on the beach or go in the water. There are also opportunities for bird watching, or walking around in nature. Dogs are allowed in the park and on the beach, so long as they are leashed and cleaned up after.

Katheryn Abby Hanna Park Beach

This park is located on the ocean, about 17 miles east of Jacksonville. It takes up 450 acres, and 1.5 miles of sandy beach. The park has facilities for hiking and picnicking; the beach part is a popular place for surfers. Dogs are allowed in the park and on the beach, so long as they are leashed and cleaned up after.

Fort George Island Cultural State Park

This is a wonderful park if you want to check out the nature in Florida and get some exercise. This park has evidence of human occupation for over 5,000 years, ranging from Native Americans to colonists to vacationers. They do offer tours, but there is plenty to explore on your own with your dog. Leashed dogs are allowed in this park throughout its hiking trails, paved roads, parking lots and shorelines.

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