Dog Park Etiquette

dog-parkIf you are like me, dog parks are a dream come true. I’ve had Daisy for 3 years now. For 2 years of that time I had a 12×12 back yard and for a year I had no yard at all. Not exactly conducive to running and playing. So you can imagine, the first time I went to a dog park I thought my prayers had been answered. How perfect. Daisy could get all the exercise she needed with absolutely no effort from me! WRONG.

It didn’t take long for me to realize there is an unspoken dog park etiquette. You’d be amazed at how annoyed other dog owners can get.

Want to know how you can stay popular at the dog park? Read on:

  • First and foremost, clean up after your dog. The biggest complaints at dog parks is that owners do not clean up.
  • Donโ€™t eat at the dog park. First of all: EWE! Talk about germs!! But more importantly, some dogs get aggressive around food.
  • Never leave your dog unattended. If you step away to use the restroom, take your dog with you.
  • Keep your dog on-leash until you get to the off-leash area. This is respectful to other park users and safer for your dog.
  • Always observe all of the rules posted at your local dog park. Each town has its own set of regulations: please follow them.

Remember, dog parks are a privilege. Follow a few simple rules and you can help guarantee your park will stick around for years to come.

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