Dog Parks Around Richmond, Va

If you’re moving or planning a trip to Richmond, Va with your furry buddy, you may want to know where the dog parks are and some of the features they have. Some parks are unfenced, others may have two separate areas for dogs to play who are different sizes and energy levels, and some parks may have water fountains and picnic tables.

Remember to always pick up after your dog and to keep an eye on him as he plays with other dogs. Vaccines should always be kept up to date and ID collars should be kept current in case something does happen.

Hollywood Cemetery located in the northern part of Richmond at 412 South Cherry St is open from 8am to 5pm Mon thru Fri. Leashed dogs are allowed through the cemetery as you read and pass by some historical headstones and plots. You may find John Tyler’s and James Monroe’s graves, two of our U.S. Presidents. It’s not a park, per say, but it’s a great place to take your pup for a long stroll. Since there is no official dog area, bring bags to clean up after your pup, and you may want to bring a portable water bowl in case he gets thirsty. For more information about Hollywood Cemetery, visit their website.

Church Hill Park is located at 2900 East Grace Street and is open from dawn to dusk. It’s an off-leash fenced-in dog park that has two areas for dogs of different sizes and energy levels. The park is located in the lower part of Chimbarzo Park. There are water bowls and benches set up for you and your pup to hang out.

Ruff House Dog Park is located in Rockwood Park at 3401 Courthouse Rd and is open everyday from 7am to dusk. The park is in Chesterfield County and has benches, two fenced areas for dogs, and provides drinking water areas for thirsty pooches. During the colder months, bring your own water because they turn off the fountains.

Byrd Park has a dog park located south of the War Memorial and is located where Park Dr (161) and Shirley Lane intersect. The park is well-maintained and has bench swings and drinking water. The community that helps keep the park clean, asks that you bring your own bags to clean up after your dog and also donate some extras and leave them in the doggie bag repositories. It is one of the most well-known dog parks and often is packed on the weekends. If you’re a morning person, you may luck out and have a smaller pack running around. Afternoons and early evenings tend to be crowded with lots of dogs and people hanging out. For more information you can visit their website.

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