Dog Parks in Alexandria, Virginia


The dog parks of Alexandria, Virginia, are controlled by the Department of Recreation, Parks and Cultural Activities. Some are fenced, and some are not. The unfenced dog parks are marked off by bollards.

There are certain rules that dogs and owners must follow to use these dog parks. Dogs are required to be under owner control. Only three dogs are allowed per person. Owners must have a leash in their hands at all times, and watch their dog at all times. Puppies under four months in age are not allowed. Female dogs in heat are forbidden. Dogs are required to be legally licensed, vaccinated and displaying this on their tags.

If a dog bites someone, this must be reported immediately to the Alexandria Animal Control. If it is serious, you must wait for an officer to respond. Dogs cannot bark excessively. Dogs must be cleaned up after. Aggressive dogs are not allowed at the dog parks. Children under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult. You cannot bring food inside of the Fenced Dog Parks. Drinks are ok, but no alcohol.

If people are breaking any of the rules, contact the Alexandria Animal Control: 703-838-4775.

Ben Brennan Dog Park

This fenced off-leashed dog park is medium sized. There are no available waste bags, so make sure to bring your own. It is located in the back of the greater park, over a bridge.

Braddock Off-Leash Dog Area

This is an off-leash area for dogs. It is not fenced, so use your own precautions.

Duke Street Dog Park

This is a huge, grassy park that is fully fenced and has lots of toys. Be aware that there is no shade or running water.

Utah Street Dog Park

This off-leash dog park has loose gravel, instead of grass, so be aware of that. Other than that, it does provide running water, hoses, a little plastic pool, covered shelter and picnic tables.

Chambliss Street Dog Run Area

This off-leash area is located south of the tennis courts. It is not fenced, so use your own precautions.

Fort Barnard Dog Park

This off-leash dog park has grass, running water, picnic tables and relaxed people and dogs. However, there are no shading facilities.

Chinquapin Park Dog Run Area

This off-leash area is located in greater Chinquapin Park. It is not fenced, so use your own precautions. The remainder of the park has sports fields and a nature field.

Shirlington Dog Park


This is a very popular dog park, but it gets really crowded, especially on weekends. It is a large fenced in dog walk, a separate area for small dogs, and even a creek where dogs can go swimming. There are also waste bags provided.

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