Dog Parks in Las Vegas

If you’ve just moved to Las Vegas, Nevada or passing through with your best friend don’t forget to check out some of the casinos and places to eat. But, more importantly, don’t forget to let your dog burn off some energy. Spending a few hours in a crate or in the hotel room can mean that your pup might be bored or nap while you’re out. Take her for a walk, jog, and give her some TLC. If she’s itching to romp, there are several dog parks in Las Vegas where she can run around and make some new friends. Always bring a bag to clean up after her and make sure she has all her ID tags on her collar.

Acacia Dog Park is located in Henderson, NV at South Gibson Road and Las Palmas Entrada. It’s open from 7am to 10pm and dogs are allowed off leash in the dog run. In other parts of the park, your dog must be on leash. They ask that you don’t allow your dog to dig holes and to clean up after you dog. It’s not a huge dog run but it’s a well-maintained run and there are plenty of friendly dogs that call this run their second home.

All American Dog Park is at 121 East Sunset Road in Las Vegas and is located inside of a 45 acre community park that you can hike around with your pup before or after a game of fetch and frisbee in the dog run. The dog run is fenced in so your pup can run off leash. They ask that your dog be sociable, up to date on vaccines, and under control of the owner at all times. This helps to avoid tension between dogs, jumping up or bugging other owners, and helps keep everything peaceful. When your dog is not in the dog run, please keep her on leash. There are a few grills, picnic tables, and huge grass fields where you can spend an afternoon hanging out and relaxing. Don’t forget to bring a snack and some water for your pup so she isn’t starving and thirsty after making new friends in the dog park.

Barkin’ Basin Dog Park is in Wayne Bunker Park at Alexander Road and Tenaya Way. It is a 7.75 acre park that has 3 fenced in dog runs. One is for smaller dogs or low energy dogs, one is for bigger dogs, and one is for older or shyer dogs. If your dog is a bit shy when meeting new dogs, one of the other 2 fenced areas might be great to get her used to the smells, energy levels, and layout of the runs and also make your trip more enjoyable. There are also benches, lights, drinking fountains, and water spigots. Your dog must be leashed when she’s not in the designated dog runs.

Desert Breeze Dog Run is located at 8425 West Spring Mountain Road in Las Vegas and is fully fenced in with benches, trash cans, and water. There are 3 dog runs available here as well so you and your dog can find the one that best fits her energy level and social level. The park is located about 5 miles west of downtown Las Vegas and is surrounded by the Desert Breeze County Park. After some running and fun has been had, take a stroll through the park. There are paths for jogging, a skate park, and lots of fields where you can watch people playing soccer, tennis, and a playground. The dog park is open everyday from 6am to 11pm. Don’t forget to bring a bag to clean up after your dog.

Molasky Park has a dog run that is fenced in and open from 6am to 11pm. It’s located at 1065 East Twain Ave in Las Vegas and has trash cans and a water fountain. Bring a bag to clean up after your dog and keep your dog leashed when not in the fenced off areas. This park has 3 dog runs and if you need to potty, there are portable restrooms available nearby. Bring a bowl for your dog to drink some water out of after she’s done playing and don’t worry about getting too much sun, there are shaded areas under trees and a gazebo to hang out under.

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